Day 3: Whole30

12 Apr

It’s day 3 and the headache is still lingering. I’m sure my sugar addiction has been THE contributing factor… but I press on.

Breakfast today consisted of my paleo egg bake reheated, so good! I think I will have to work on a new one for each week to keep it interesting (although i do love mushrooms and broc).

Had a mid morning snack consisting of baby carrots.  They have become my new favorite snack I think, slightly sweet and so delicious!

I didn’t get a chance on Tuesday to make anything but did get to bake some chicken, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic I popped those breasts in the oven last night so i would have something to eat for lunch.  Finished off my sugar snap peas with one chicken breast (no picture again! i’m slacking)  To top it all off I had an apple with a little bit of sugar free peanut butter.  I was seriously craving PB yesterday afternoon and was lucky enough to have some 100% organic, sugar free at the apartment.  Meghan and I are planning on making our own almond butter this weekend during a Sunday full of cooking!

For dinner I made crock pot beef and mushroom stew.  Recipe was found on the blog (  Britton and I had bought tickets for the Death Cab concert later tonight so we had to eat and run to make it to Omaha on time.  More about that show later…

I served the stew with bread to the non Whole30 people at my residence.  My friend and colleague Lisa was coming to the show with us so she came over for dinner too!  Even though it was healthy, everyone loved it!  Next time I make it I think I will change the recipe a little to cut out a little of the vinegar bite.  Will have to play around I think.  More updates tomorrow!

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