Day 4…

13 Apr

Wahoo! My headache has finally subsided!

Today was an interesting day. I was not heading into work because of a dermatology appointment that would lead to some major swelling of the face. More on that later.

So I started the day a little later than normal which was nice after being at the death cab concert until late Wednesday night.  After my appointment I chowed down on another piece of my paleo egg bake while I watched Britton scarf down a sandwich. I’m not even a fan of your every day sandwich but just watching someone eat something that I can’t indulge in can be a little annoying.

In the midst of cleaning and doing laundry I headed out to the local meat shop, Braungers, to pick up an eye of round roast to make for tonight’s dinner.  The smallest they had was 6.5 lbs! That was the largest hunk of meat I’ve ever been responsible for before. I was a little intimidated…  But I pressed on to HyVee to pick up some additional groceries for the nights meal.  I had Britton’s parents over for dinner.  When I got home I started the roast. I chopped off about 2 lbs of it to save for some later meal and got started on the rub.  Garlic, salt, pepper,  and thyme was mixed together and rubbed all over the clean roast.  I let that sit while I had lunch.

For lunch I had leftover stew and some apple with my healthy peanut butter. Again, that’s my new best friend. It’s not so good by itself but on some sweet apples, its ah-mazing.

Soon after lunch I began really preparing for the roast.  I found the recipe at  The trick to this recipe is to only bake the roast at 500 degrees for 45 minutes (well 7 minutes per pound to be exact) and then let the roast sit in the oven for another 2.5 hours with it turned off.  This is the beauty all ready for eating!

To go along with the roast I made a sweet potato casserole that was to die for. I added a smidgen of vanilla which is not Whole30 approved but a drop here and there is not bad I decided. And I wasn’t making the meal just for myself so others have to enjoy it too!  So delicious, found here  Of course, the first thing Britton asked was what was in it because he hated the lemon zest. I even made only half with nuts to appease his strange nut aversion! What a party pooper!

Last but not least was my greenery. I made some delicious asparagus that were a huge hit!  That can be found on my Whole30 pinterest board  Cooked those asparagus in some bacon grease. So amazing! And also a huge success!

All in all, dinner was a hit.  I think it was good too for me to show everyone that eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have good stuff!  Everyone left with smiles on their faces and full bellies!  What a great night!

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