Death Cab for Cutie

13 Apr

Wednesday night Britton, Lisa and I made the trek down to Omaha to see one of our favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie with Magik*Magik Orchestra.  I knew that this would be a fantastic concert from the get go but I had no idea how amazing it would actually be.  After dinner the three of us piled in my car and started the drive.  We headed south for 1 1/2 hours for this concert and had a blast along the way.  Listened to the new Codes and Keys album for a bit to make sure we were all ready for the show.

We made it to the show with minutes to spare and roamed the orchestra hall in search of memorabilia and beers (not for me, for Britton).  Once we made it up to our AMAZING seats we got the chance to catch 3 of the opening bands songs…. not impressed.  We couldn’t wait for Death Cab to come out and wow us.

They started with my all time favorite song, Passenger Seat.  It was Ben Gibbard on the piano and Magik*Magik Orchestra.  It was magical. No doubt about it, I knew this was going to rock my socks off.  And it only got better.  The band played quite a few of their older songs before digging in to Codes and Keys.  I was grateful because the old songs are the ones I really love.  From their Plans and Transatlantacism albums.  For those of you that don’t really know Death Cab, they are amazing imagerists.  Their song Title and Registration paints a picture of how the glove box of your car doesn’t do anything to keep your fingers warm, it  brings back bad memories.  You put a photo of you and your lover in it and then don’t open the glove box again until that love has faded. Now while you are sitting with the cop asking for your title and registration you have to be reminded of that lost love.  It’s beautiful.  I wrote a whole paper on them back in undergrad for my history of rock and roll paper. I could go on for hours.

They wowed the audience from the beginning to the end. The played music from 1997 when they were a young band to songs from their latest album.  The Orchestra brought in a unique sound that could not have been imitated.  There were quite a few times that I caught Britton laughing beside me because I was dancing beside him with my eyes closed to take in the beautiful sounds.  Yea, I’m weird, so sue me!

The ended their set with the song, Stay Young, Go Dancing. That song warms my heart. I love it.

As the music plays
Feel our bodies’ sway
When we move as one
We stay young

It’s beautiful.

They played another whole set for an encore bringing back the orchestra.

After the show I decided I wanted to be a groupie so I could follow them around the country.  I suppose I will just have to wait for their next tour.


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