Weekend with some kiddos

25 Apr

This past weekend was insanely busy.  There was definitely no resting for this chick.  Friday night I spent some time with my soon to be in-laws and we had some sausages and hot dogs on the grill with raw veggies.  I had picked up some all natural, sugar free dogs and chicken and apple sausages from Whole Foods the weekend before.  Let me tell you, those sausages are delicious.  They are made by Applegate Farms and you can find out more about the company and the sausages here.   They didn’t need any condiments but it was weird having a hot dog without ketchup.  I had even gotten a recipe to make some approved ketchup but really, i decided that was going a little overboard.

Saturday is when the fun really began! I went to Sioux Center to watch the Stoub kids play soccer before bringing them back to Sioux City for the weekend so their parents could get away.  After their games we piled into my car and drove back to Sioux City, stopping at a few places along the way for lunch and goodies.  When we finally made it back to my apartment the kids cleaned up and relaxed a little before we headed back out the door to Jerry’s Pizza on Morningside.

Jerry’s is a bit of a family spot as it is owned by my fiance’s aunt and uncle.  I set it up so the kids could check out how the pizza was done and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were going to be able to make their own pizzas!  Each kiddo made their own small pizza!  They had so much fun in the kitchen and got to play with the dough after finishing their pies.  We ate in the kitchen and they even made me a burger with the ground beef they put on the pizzas.  It was a perfect dinner situation!

Tyler kneading the dough

Rachel saucing a pizza

The two nuggets eating their creations!

After the dinner we hit up the movie Chimpanzee.  Having Tim the Tool Man Taylor as the narrator might have been my favorite part!  I LOVE Tim Allen!  For the movie I had to make a little snack to pull me through.  I would normally eat an entire medium bag of popcorn guarding it with my life to ensure I can have every last piece.  So instead I found a great recipe for the movie.  They were Coconut Pecan (I used walnuts too) Date Rolls.  I made mine into little balls so that they were easy to pop in my mouth.  The recipe can be found here.

Sunday the kids were up bright and early.  I made them chocolate chip pancakes and made myself an egg scramble.  Not going to lie, it was hard not to have a bite of pancake…  But i made it through!  The first project of the day was to make our own play dough.  Each of them got to pick a color and stir their dough while it cooked on the stove.  After play dough we painted pots for Earth Day and later planted their flowers.

our potted plants

We also spent a little time watching movies and playing video games which was a relief to me.  Having two energetic kids around is exhausting!  Before their parents came to pick them up we made a quick trip to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I’d say we had a great weekend and I definitely look forward to keeping them again.  Although, i hope Britton is in town as well so he can share in the experience 😉

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