8 May

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining Britton out in Chicago while he worked the NRA show.  That’s the National Restaurant Association for those of you that are curious about what he is doing at NRA.  While Britton worked his butt off I got to do fun stuff.  Until Sunday I even stuck to my Whole30 as closely as I could.  Here’s a plug, go see The Avengers.  It was awesome!  We got there early and while Britton waited in line for seats, I stopped in a restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  The movie was awesome but I suppose I’m a sucker for Marvel movies.  I don’t know what that’s about.  I did have popcorn, just a small bag, no butter.  I love me some popcorn!

Saturday Britton was out the door by 6:15 (i think, however I was still asleep) for the show.  When I finally got up I headed downstairs for the free breakfast where I indulged in a made to order omelet and bacon.  The weather was not so amazing this weekend in Chi-Town so I took my time getting ready hoping it would be better by the time I made it outside…. not the case.  But I shopped till I dropped (literally) and even found my Iowa reception dress! LOVE IT!  I had an appointment at BHLDN to find the perfect dress and I couldn’t have been more lucky.  I found my dress and it was even on sale!  For anyone that doesn’t know yet about the amazingness of bhldn, they are an anthropologie owned bridal store (what?! I know that’s what I thought too!) and their website has some awesome stuff for party goers and party planners alike.  The Chicago store only just opened in February so I was pleasantly surprised to get an appointment. Oh and my attendant was from Omaha, small world!

My fitting room at BHLDN

Friday night we had dinner with my friend Jenn and her hubby Dan.  We ate at an awesome place called Fork!  And after dinner I couldn’t help but stop at a cupcake place close by.  But the cupcakes were not worth it and I only ate a few bites.

The four of us

Sunday Britton was out early again and I was making my way to the Shedd aquarium.  This was my day of VERY poor eating choices.  I started the morning with french toast and bacon.  Delicious but I would pay for all these bad decisions later.  I made it to the Shedd and waited in a line for about 45 minutes before even making it through the doors.  And just in time too because the rain started soon after I got inside.  My purpose for the visit was really to see their Jellies exhibit as I think jellyfish are absolutely fascinating.  I was in for a treat and loved every second of the jelllies exhibit!

I took about 150 photos at the Shedd but this one is amazing

My poor choices continued when I met Britton at the conference center and snacked on food for about an hour throughout the show.  I had cheesecake, mini pretzel dogs, chocolate flour-less tarts, funnel cake fries and on and on.  It was delicious.  How often are you in a place that you can literally try any food you want?  After the show I waited for Britton to get back to the hotel and then we headed out to Kinzie Chophouse for dinner before I had to head back to South Dakota.  The food there was amazing and we ended the meal with desserts, creme brule for me and a buttered rum cheesecake for Britton.  I will admit, Britton made the better choice in desserts…

I was sad to leave Chicago and Britton behind but we decided that every year I will head out to Chicago for the NRA show with Britton, so at least I can look forward to next year! Oh and yesterday I was sick in bed with a terrible stomach ache…. So word of advice to and Whole30-ers ease back in if you want to eat crappy foods.  Do small bits at a time, not a whole day of binging.

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