New Normal

11 May

Tuesday was my last day on the Whole30 diet so what does my new normal look like? I am still working hard to make smart choices in food. Monday I made a whole chicken that I’ve been eating all week. Tuesday night I made a spaghetti squash with homemade “sauce.”

more meat and tomatoes than a sauce

I’ve also been eating that all week! But there have also been some indulgences. Wednesday night I ate at the Walls and had baked chicken a sweet potato and something we like to call Kelly corn. Kelly corn is definitely NOT a smart choice but delicious nonetheless!  I know that I do not want to live life gluten free and 100% paleo but making smarter choices was my ultimate goal!  I have not gone out and bought a box of cupcakes like I wanted to.  In fact, the most sweets I have had was a small bowl of fro-yo last night with strawberries and other fruity goodness!  I realized on Tuesday that regular peanut butter with sugar added is too sweet for me now.  I MUCH prefer no sugar added, all natural peanut butter even if it is harder to find in the local grocery stores.

So my plan:

  • I WILL be working on making healthy decisions every night when I make dinner.  I can’t succumb to what is easy, like buttered pasta, when I am too tired to cook a full meal.  There are still a ton of recipes that I have found over the last month that I want to try and I won’t stop with those.  Britton will be in town this week and together we make a great team in eating healthy and cooking together.
  • I WILL be bringing in those delicious leftovers every day for lunch to keep up with clean eating.  A sandwich is only ok every once in a while and a balanced meal is smart for every meal.
  • I WILL allow myself to indulge in the foods that make me happy.  Sushi is a must!  I love ice cream and fro-yo and will not cut those things out of my diet.  It’s ok to have a cupcake every once in a while.  I’ve always said I’d rather die fat and happy than miserable because I can’t eat anything that excites me 🙂
  • I WILL continue to do Crossfit as often as I can.  Even if I do not stay on a paleo diet, my main goal is to be fit for my wedding and honeymoon.  No one wants to see a beached whale in Jamaica, and it definitely won’t be me!
  • I WON’T prevent myself from eating out.  I enjoy a nice meal out even if they do use butter to cook in and have delicious desserts.  Britton and I enjoy eating at nice restaurants and trying new things and that will never stop.  We’re foodies through and through and no lifestyle change can take that away.  We love food!

This is my commitment to myself.

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