21 May

This weekend Britton and I had a trip planned to New Orleans with some of his buddies.  Back in the summer of 2007 Britton went on a cross country bike trip for Push America.  His Journey of Hope tour went from Washington State through to Washington DC.  His fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi is a sponsor of the event and his journey was planned and run by a group of brothers from all over the United States.  Since this summer marks 5 years since their journey, a group of the guys met in NOLA for a reunion.


I am not going to lie, I had some doubts about this weekend.  For a group of fraternity guys to be in New Orleans sounded like a drunk fest and I didn’t want that to be the outcome of our weekend to NOLA.  There is so much to see and do there and a weekend on bourbon street was my fear.  I am happy to report that was not at all what the weekend turned into.  We DID hit up bourbon street on Friday night when we got into town and I’ve never seen anything like it….. It was insane.  If that is what its like on a normal weekend, I can’t imagine what its like for mardi gras. INSANITY!  I felt like I was back in college on some wild spring break trip!  We found a quieter outside bar to hang out at complete with a mechanical bull.  The ladies that were on the trip all decided the mechanical bull is a ploy to get slutty girls to bounce around in their thin, tight clothes and seduce the audience.  It was entertaining to say the least.  We went back to that bar Saturday night and decided to start giving these girls ratings and prizes based on their “performance” on the mechanical bull.

Saturday morning you know where I went first…. None other than Cafe Du Monde.  I have never had such deliciousness in my life.  I wanted to go back Saturday night before dinner and Sunday morning for a second breakfast at the joint.  When Britt and I got there the line was pretty intense but with such a limited menu people were in and out very quickly.  I got my favorite, fresh orange juice, and an order of beignets.  There was about an inch of thick white powdered sugar cover the top of my three pastries and they were gone within minutes.  Nothing compares to the freshness of Cafe Du Monde. I was in heaven.


my babe and his beignet

After breakfast we walked through the French Market which was pretty amazing.  We even picked up some artwork for friends and family!  The first half of the market had food and art while the second half was more like a flea market.

entering the french market

famous cafe du monde coffee

love old school coke!

i see you fishy fishy fishy

best strawberry lemonade ever

and i enjoyed it

After the market we went on a 30 minute horse drawn carriage tour and learned some of the history surrounding the french quarter.  The drive around town was a welcome change as we had probably walked a few miles already.  Later that afternoon we also took a ghost tour around the city (another few miles) and learned about some amazing history.  There were rumored vampires back in the day and obviously voodoo and ghost history surround the city. I love that stuff.  Britton and I agreed though that our ghost tour in Savannah was MUCH better…. If I go back to NOLA we may have to try another one.

old convent, lots of vampire folk lore!

most cursed building in NOLA (so they say) last owner was Nick Cage

Britton and I had a blast and the ladies can’t wait to plan the next reunion.  We’re thinking Key West?

mississippi river at our backs


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