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the day of rest?

1 Jun

Sunday was far from a day of rest for Kristen and I in Boston.  We were up early and ready to hit the streets.  Found an adorable bakery/coffee house to have some breakfast and then walked to the North End for our bike tour.

City home in Beacon Hill

We took a leisurely stroll through the streets of Beacon Hill.

what a little door!

Once we made it to the North End we fitted our bikes and grabbed our helmets before the 2+ hour tour through Boston.  We started out in Columbus Park and went all through the city.  We even made our way back through Beacon Hill and had the toughest hill of the ride.  The tour was amazing and I would do another tour in a heartbeat!

Outside the Christian Science Center

Between the church and surrounding buildings this was one of my favorite parts.

After our tour we did some shopping and more eating in the North End starting with a place on our food list called Saus.


lunch with the best fries and sauces EVER

waffles anyone?

Our North End tour ended with a cannoli taste test between Modern Pastry and Mike’s.  We were pretty exhausted so after waiting in lines at each spot we took the treats back to the hotel to indulge.



Mikes and Modern

Kristen and I had a hard time deciding on which pastry we liked better but when all votes were tallied Mike’s was the best.

Our Sunday included an 11 mile bike ride and approximately another 5 miles of walking.  We walked back to the North End after our cannoli appetizer to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  Kristen couldn’t have picked a better spot either, the food was delicious.  The restaurant was a little too upscale for me to take pictures 🙂

Monday was a slow day as we were both heading back to our separate parts of the world but we did some shopping before we left.  I had such an amazing time and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing sister.  I can’t wait to see where we go next year to keep the tradition going!