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We set the date!

7 Dec

Yes, that’s right! We have a surgery date! Britton and I have decided to schedule with MAYO in Rochester, MN for January 4th. We felt so great about the doctor and his assistant that I feel very comfortable about our decision.  When I made the appointment I was able to ask the doctor’s assistant a few questions about what Britton’s recovery will look like.  The surgery itself will take 8-10 hours.  After surgery he will spend one day in the ICU.  After that we will be heading home but recovery doesn’t stop there.  Britton will need 24 hour supervision for the next two weeks.  Once he is off his pain medication he can decide when he feels comfortable driving.  From that point on Britton is not allowed to lift anything above 10 pounds for over two months.  Three months after surgery Britton will have a follow up appointment with MAYO so the doctor can clear him as recovered.

As most of you know, Britton travels for work.  This recovery time will be tough on Britton because he won’t be able to travel.  His backpack alone weighs over 10 lbs (probably over 50).  He will spend more time in the office than he has in a long time and more time at home than I have ever experienced.  We are lucky to have such great family willing to help us through this difficult time.  My mom will be staying with me to support us while Britton is in the hospital and then she is staying another week to help once we get home.  We have already talked about how both our moms will help us take care of the every day things while I help take care of Britton.  I know we will have lots of other guests, both family and friends to help us along the way and I am so thankful for the support we have.

Thanks for everyone prayers and positive thoughts.  We couldn’t get through this without it!