day of pre op

4 Jan

Yesterday we got ready for our day of pre op appointments. We started the day with a good workout! As many of you know, that’s not something I get excited about because I hate to work out! But Britton loves to run and he won’t be able to for the next 3 months. So I ventured to the hotel gym with Britton to accompany him.

photo 1

We started at 1 with a general pre op appointment and the anesthesiologist. We loved him! We even talked a little with him about what it will look like if Britton looses hearing in his right ear. He’s had unilateral hearing loss since he was a kid. Because Britton is so healthy and young he has the lowest risk for complications. No one has 0 risk so we feel good about that.

Our second appointment was for an additional audiology test to get a base line for the doctors. His word recognition is at 80% which isn’t terrible but not great either.  Later the doctor told us he will most likely never regain all his hearing but the hope is that it will stay the same instead of get worse.


The final appointment of the day was with both our surgeons.  First we met with the ENT that will be assisting in the surgery.  His only role will be to assist the neurosurgeon with specific road blocks related to the auditory nerves.  For the most part, he will be on call to help but won’t be in the room for surgery unless necessary.  The second doctor is our neruosurgeon, Dr. Link.  He will be performing the majority of the surgery.  He will have a team of people working with him to assist and there will also be students as Mayo is a teaching hospital.  He did he will perform all of the most important parts of the surgery with helped us feel more comfortable.

After all of our appointments we got to relax! Our headcount for the waiting room is up to 8 now that Britton’s brother and sister in law were headed over from Minneapolis.  We spent the night laughing and filling our bellies before we headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.  Britton’s check in was 6 am and we were lucky to be able to get some rest.  Update on surgey to come!  Check our twitter @BrittonUpdates for more details on surgery!


One Response to “day of pre op”

  1. Colleen Carlson January 4, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    You and Jeff and Jason will have to go out for a run together in May…so looking forward to you up and feeling great and running again that I might even grab Janet and we’ll all jump in and jog along too!! Raising up prayers for all good things today.

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