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at home

14 Feb

We left the hospital a whole 4 days after Britton checked in and had surgery. We were amazed. Rochester , MN is about a 5 hour drive from where we live in South Dakota so to break up the drive we stopped in Okoboji at Britton’s aunt and uncle’s house for a night.  Britton slept the whole drive which was perfect.  We didn’t want him getting dizzy from watching things pass on the road so I was very glad he was able to sleep.  That night we took it easy, brought food to the house and watched a movie.  We didn’t want to overwhelm Britton on his first night out of the hospital.

The next morning, we spent some time relaxing in the sun room, soaking up some rays.  It is absolutely beautiful at the lake in the winter.  The snow was so pristine and it was so peaceful.  Very different from the summer months when its a bustling town!

photo 1

We headed home early that afternoon and stopped at Britton’s favorite place on the way home… Chick-fil-a.  We planned on just pulling through the drive through to avoid any extra stress on Britton but he was up for the challenge of going in and sitting down to eat.  When we did finally make it home Britton went straight to bed for a nap.  He was exhausted after two days of travel and being out of the reigns of the hospital.  At home we were welcomed by a bouquet of flowers from Britton’s colleagues out in Los Angeles.

photo 2

My mom stayed with us for another few days to help us get settled back in.  Britton was doing so well that he didn’t need a whole lot of attention.  I had worried he would need more care than he did!  We spent a LOT of time watching tv and movies. January 19th was the annual BPI Winter Party and since Britton was feeling so well we decided to attend.  This meant we also had to head out to the store to pick up a new jacket for Britton.  I am still amazed at how quickly he was able to get into normal routines like going to the store and the mall or walking a few miles outside.  Britton got a lot of attention at the party and after about 2 hours we were both beat and headed home.


We spent another week after the party together just hanging out and relaxing together.  This was the most amount of time we have ever spent together due to his constant travel.  It was awesome.  I’ll admit, despite the situation, I loved being able to be lazy with my new hubby for a solid 2 weeks… just the two of us. I think he feels the same.  Since he wasn’t in a whole lot of pain or in need of constant care, we were able to just be together.  We are so lucky.

In that last week at home together Britton finally gained the courage to take a look at his scar.  I had been taking pictures along the way, once right after the bandage had been removed, once after the staples were removed and then a week after that after it really began to look like it was healing.  After he saw the most recent picture he took the plunge and looked at the progression.  He got a little queasy looking at the one with the staples but he was as amazed as I am at how awesome it was looking present day (and now its even further along and awesome).


You can see. It’s amazing. We are so blessed.  And we’re not only blessed because of how amazing his recovery was.  We are blessed because we have so many friends and family supporting us.  We received gifts galore to help us through the quiet times like an amazon gift card, a cookie bouquet and a candy gift basket.  And these gifts came from the most unsuspecting places too!  My friends from Florida, his office and even old family friends that barely know Britton at all!  Thank you to everyone that has supported us and loved us through this adventure!

Britton went back to work one week after me (February 4th for him) and he is still doing great.  It seems Thursday mornings have been the roughest on him so far and the weekends have been busy causing minor headaches.  All  in all, I am impressed and amazed at his recovery.  No travel for him until April (except a short trip to Oregon with a co-worker) so its just office work for him for now.  We are thankful that BPI has been so flexible with Britton through his recovery.  I’m glad to have him home for another month and a half.  Its been awesome having him around.