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2 months out

11 Mar

I haven’t had much to post about the past few weeks.  Britton has been recovering so well!  The last week in February Britton took his first work trip to Oregon.  He went with a co-worker so he wouldn’t have to lift anything.  His only restriction at this point is the lifting so it’s important that he continues to follow that one rule.  So he left me for 2 days to do business in Oregon.  While he was there he was fortunate enough to be able to meet up with a friend that recently moved out there.  This trip was not at all what we had hoped it would be for his first trip post surgery.  We had anticipated him spending the whole trip with his colleague that would be helping him if he needed it but he ended up having his own meetings.  He started that Tuesday at 3 am and it didn’t end until after 10pm.  Needless to say, he was exhausted by the time he returned to South Dakota on Thursday. 

This morning Britton left again on another trip, this time to Florida.  I feel a lot better about this trip than the last.  He and another colleague are doing every meeting together on this trip.  They have a show to do in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday and some other meetings in south Florida.  At the end of the week I am joining him in Florida to spend a week down there visiting friends and family.  This week’s business trip for Britton is a lot more laid back, leaving a lot more time for him to relax without being overwhelmed.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with him after his second business trip.

In other news, in the midst of Britton’s recovery we decided to go on a house hunt.  We hadn’t really thought much about buying a house but spending so much time cooped up in our apartment, watching HGTV, we got the bug and started searching.  We found the perfect house and made an offer at the end of February.  Following the inspection last week we put in an addendum to our offer and should hear back early this week.

I think back to the beginning of this year (and I am referring to the school year since I am still accustomed to years being determined by school) and I am amazed at how much has happened.  The week we got married, I lost my grandmother.  The week we returned from our honeymoon, Britton was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Now we are in the process of buying a new house as I start a new job.  Coupled with tragedy we have found the positives.  Last night I posted on my facebook page how truly amazing my husband is and I am inspired every day that I watch him live his life.  We are so blessed and I am so thankful for all of the positives we have in our life right now.  I’m looking forward to sharing some joy this weekend in Florida with my friends and family from the south.