house hunt

26 Apr

Now that the whole brain tumor thing is over I say it’s appropriate to move on. A few posts ago I mentioned that we started looking at houses… Being cooped up at home with the tv keeping us occupied, we began watching HGTV. Bad idea if you weren’t planning on buying a house. The weekend before I went back to work we went out for fun to look at houses. Mostly houses we probably couldn’t afford but a few that we could. It was really meant to be just something fun to do on a Sunday to get out of the house. So lets keep track here… Mistake #1: Watched HGTV. Mistake #2: Pretend looking at houses on a Sunday is “just something to do.”

By Monday we had scheduled two showings (Mistake #3) for houses in the area that we were interested in. Not just fun and games anymore. Britton and I were in a debate about whether we wanted a real fixer upper or a move in ready home so we looked at one of each. As most of you know, Britton travels for work so to me, a real fixer upper would be one that I would spend more time being annoyed over than it was worth. Britton on the other hand could see the $$ in his eyes whenever he looked at a fixer upper so it was a real debate.

By the next weekend we were actually planning our weekends around open houses (Mistake #4). I have every open house scheduled into my phone so we could keep track of when they all were. This is the weekend we started looking at realistic house options. This weekend we sort of decided on a realtor as well so I guess we got pretty serious about it.


The next few weeks we were scheduling showings as fast as there was an MLS on a property (Mistake #5) as long as it was in an area that we were interested in and a house that fit our basic requirements, 2+ rooms with 2+ baths and at least a partially finished basement. I fell in love with a little cottage with all new updates but Britton hated the area. Britton would lean towards a bigger house with little character. We needed to find something in the middle and it was tough. In February people were just beginning to put their houses on the market so the selection wasn’t too great.

Outside of our realtor we were also looking at some brand new places being built in various places across the Sioux City area. We almost went in that direction and considered a town house but ultimately we decided they weren’t worth the price tag.

Britton and I had no intention of buying a house until we moved to Florida, and anticipated doing that in the next year. However, when I was offered my DREAM JOB working at the Salvation Army of Siouxland as their newly created (just for me) Volunteer and Development Director, we decided Florida could wait and purchasing a house was a reality. So while we were making the mistakes, the job offer turned our mistakes into great research opportunity because one night in February we found the one.



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