6 May

We found our house on a Monday.  It was the same Monday that the house went on the market.  Britton looked at the house again on Wednesday with his parents.  We put an offer on the house by Friday.  We were under the impression there was another very interested couple and we wanted to beat them to the punch.  We had a counter from the family by Saturday and our counter was accepted by Sunday.

I’d say that process happened pretty dang quickly!  After looking at houses and finding nothing until this one.  We dove in head first when we knew it was the right house.  I guess you could say its like finding your soul mate.  When you know, you know.  And there’s no point in dilly dally!  Our offer was accepted contingent upon the family’s offer being accepted on the house they were interested in.  It turns out, they put their house on the market because they found a house they wanted.  So the contingency plan was that they had 10 days for their offer to be accepted otherwise our accepted offer was off the table.  We heard within a few days that we were good to go and had our 10 day inspection period.

We paid extra in our inspection to test for radon… FYI, unless you have to do this for your loan or some other reason, leave the radon test alone.  Pain. In. The ARSE!  Because our house tested 3 times the acceptable levels of radon so that meant we needed to have a radon mitigation system installed.  Look that up.  I’ve got no clue what ANY of that means.  Our offer post inspection included the sellers to pay for a radon mitigation test, clean the humidifier and fix a rotted window (the house has almost all original windows, beautiful, pain to clean).  This counter offer was accepted on the condition that we split the cost of the radon mitigation system at closing.  We were good to go.

So in the span of 2 weeks we found, offered and were on our way to becoming home owners.  I was a little scared but VERY excited.


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