to close or not to close

16 May

After our offer was accepted I assumed the process would fly by after that.  It seemed the biggest hurtle should be the negotiations.  What is it they say about assumptions?  I’m a dummy.  Around every corner there was another hurtle.  We were told we would close on the house on April 18th.  As you know I changed my job at the beginning of April which our loan officer assured us would not be an issue.  As you also know, I got married in September.  So two major life changes in the span of 7 months threw up a red flag the week of closing.  So they had to do an audit on me to make sure I wasn’t trying to commit identity fraud…

Friday, April 19th we were all set to close.  They had determined I wasn’t a criminal!  By about noon Britton and I were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the call with a time we would close.  We called our loan officer relentlessly and were getting little to no response.  Britton had taken half that day off so we could start moving.  At lunch time we went out to eat together both in rare form after the torture of waiting.  We heard around noon that we would not be closing after all.  The sellers had to install a Radon Mitigation system and they waited until the week of closing to get that taken care of.  What none of us seemed to know is that since we required it to be installed, our loan wouldn’t close until they had proof that the system was working.  So here is a timeline on this mitigation system:

  • Installed on Tuesday April 16
  • System takes 40 hours to begin working
  • Follow up Radon Test takes 72 hours
  • No follow-up test was requested until Friday when we were all notified of this requirement
  • Radon Test began on SATURDAY April 20
  • Results by Monday April 22

So needless to say, we weren’t closing and it would be tight to close on Monday but we were assured that would be the case.  Britton had his follow up at Mayo Monday and Tuesday so we moved some things around to accommodate the closing only to find out at 2 pm on Monday that we WOULD NOT be closing after all.  Nightmare-ish trip up to Rochester ensues.  You can read all about it here.

So after all that, we closed on April 24.  A full week after our official close date.  What’s funny is that our real estate agent told us our bank was known for late closings… Interesting.

We started home improvements that very night to make sure the house would be ready for move in on Saturday.  Britton and his dad, Greg, primed and painted the neon green room while my mother-in-law and I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.  But the best part was our photo shoot on Thursday with Greg.

House 1

House 3

House 5

House 6

And thanks to Greg we were able to document our new house before it became a disaster which, I believe, is what happens to every house during the moving process… But then again, it could just be me!


One Response to “to close or not to close”

  1. Joni May 16, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    Can’t wait for the next installment 😃

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