projects and visitors

23 May

We moved all of our stuff in on April 27.  When I looked around the house at all the boxes I had no idea where to start.  Once the kitchen was put away I basically stopped.  Our house is two stories with a basement and there were boxes everywhere.  Britton left for California the following Tuesday and I was left to my own devices.  Luckily, my mother was feeling somewhat left out from our first house purchase so she jumped at the opportunity to fly up to help which made me even LESS motivated to unpack.  Why bother, mom is coming!  She will know where to start!!!

So at the end of the week Britton came home on Friday and mom came in on Saturday and that’s when things got really exciting around the new Wall house.  Britton and I have decided we are taking on a big project this summer by tearing out the three existing closets in the master bedroom in order to put in one large walk in.  We had a king size bed being delivered sometime on Saturday so we decided to start the demo portion of the project that morning to, more or less, make room for the bed where we wanted to have it.  To give you some background, three of the four corners of the room were turned into closets with the fourth corner taking up space from the bathroom.  One closet is original with the house, which is the one we were removing first while the other two were put in much later.

Spring 2013 126

right closet is original, left closet was put in later. directly across from the left closet is the third closet in the room and it is exactly the same.

We also hate those built in cabinets above the windows and closets so those will be coming out as well.

So while mom unpacked boxes, Britton and I did some demo.  My mother in law came over to help as well so we had a full house, everyone doing something different to help up get our house in order.  I had an easy job in the demo, I removed the nails from all the framing and baseboards so that we could reuse it when we finish up the closets.

Spring 2013 131

salvaging the wood

It’s funny, Britton didn’t think there would be much dust or debris so he didn’t even want to cover up our dressers and other closets…  He was dead wrong.

Spring 2013 135

just the top parts of the closet remaining

Our wood floors are covered in dust.  That white in the corner is NOT our drop cloth.  Britton was just breathing in dust all day and refused to wear a mask.  Can’t imagine what that did to his lungs.  But despite the mess I think it all cleaned up pretty nicely.

Spring 2013 143

the original closet is all out

I’m looking forward to finishing up this project this summer when we can get some help from Greg (my father in law).  He built his house from the ground up so he will be the best resource as we continue on our projects this summer!


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