9 Jul

I have been on hiatus. Wanting to post about our house projects but its been a LONG month.  For our FHA loan we were required to do some chipping and painting on our new house. You remember our house?



The project seemed small enough so we started it the week of memorial day when my good friend Andrew was up to help.  That weekend my sister joined him and we had a full house!  Soon into the prep portion of this house painting excursion we realized we were in BIG trouble.  The base layer of paint (yellow) we realized was an oil based paint and the top few layers were latex.  Do you know what that means?  It means BIG TROUBLE!  The only way to peel the chips from the house was to completely strip down ALL layers of paint.  The previous owners never primed or prepped the house before they painted (apparently every other year due to constant chipping… duh…) so as we started to chip paint, layers would simply peel off in sheets.  So for the next 3 weeks Britton and Greg prepped the house.  It was pain staking work.  They spent days working on the prep of this paint job.  We got a quote to paint for $1000 for escrow purposes and let me tell you, we are far beyond that quote.

house chipped

This is what they did and this is only a small piece of the puzzle.  Half way up one side of the house and the entire house looked like this before the painting began.

Because the prepping took so much time we ended up having to hire someone to do the actual painting.  Luckily Britton’s good friend is a painter during the summer as he is a teacher during the school year.  He gave us a good quote and so we hired him and his team of friends to prime and paint the house.  They also did a little prep on the areas that we just couldn’t get to before Britton began traveling again.  When I saw primer starting to go up it was a huge relief.  This process was a nightmare (and we’ve learned a lot about what to look for in our next home purchase.)

stages of painting

At about this step, I was having a nervous breakdown.  Painting your house is not cheap and, we just sunk a ton of money into actually buying it so thankfully, Britton decided to leave me out of the $ discussions so I could try to ignore it.  There’s no point in worrying, it has to be done so I’m still trying not to worry.  And now, I can physically see, it was all worth it.


I mean, its a TOTALLY different house!  Am I right?!  We still have to get the shutters up, they will be barn door red, but it wasn’t a requirement so we haven’t worried about it yet.

Now that the outside is done-ish we decided to take a break on all major home improvement.  We are doing little things here and there but none of our big projects that we really wanted to get done this summer.  We both need a break (especially Britton since he did the most work.)  But for now, we are content and so happy this project is finally over!


2 Responses to “painting”

  1. Keely July 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    I feel your pain – but it is so worth it in the end! We are well over a year down the road post-renovation and taking some time off after it was over was necessary. I’ve learned to pick a smallish project a week, and get it done, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming that way. I think when you buy an older home and have lots of house projects, its an invaluable education on what to look for next time around. Good luck, it looks SO great!


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    […] white in our living room, yellow pretty much everywhere else, we even had the honor of completely repainting the exterior of our old house (oh so fun…) and this house I wanted to be different.  I loved our yellow […]

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