living room overhaul

23 Jul

The past week I have been very lucky to have both parents in town.  When my dad first arrived and saw my house he said, “what’s the one room we can finish for you while I’m here?”  At first we wanted to do a complete overhaul of our guest room but after some convincing we decided that room really wasn’t a priority… but the living room was!

So Wednesday morning he was up early prepping our living room for a bright, glossy white trim.  We have VERY old windows so this room especially was a big and daunting task.  At some point, we want to paint all of the trim because its a pretty nasty shade of cream right now and that really doesn’t fit our style.  In my last post we had done some work to the living room by adding white blinds.


You can see in this before photo all of the lovely elements of the living room.  Dirty, dirty carpet.  Ugly brick fireplace complimented by ugly brown tile.  Off white/cream trim.  Two DIFFERENT shades of grey paint on the walls (fireplace is darker).  Then you can sort of see our old windows (12 panels per window) and there are 4 windows in there.  It’s a big job.

In May we painted the walls Dover White.  In June we had the carpets cleaned in anticipation of the new sofa.  Then last weekend we added the wood blinds and furniture was delivered.   So to complete the makeover we needed to:

  1. Paint all of the trim
  2. Overhaul the fireplace
  3. Finally hang some of our piles of art

Wednesday my dad started painting the trim.  He painted trim through the week.  By Friday my dad had the fireplace all painted so all that was left to overhaul the fireplace was to do something about the hideous tile.  So we came up with a few options.  We could paint the tile with appropriate paint or we could buy some new tile.  Once Britton and I got to Home Depot we decided to look at the peel and stick options.  Low and behold… we found the perfect tile.  Perfect shades of yellow and tan to complement the colors already in the living room.  And it was thick sturdy peel and stick so it wouldn’t look cheesy.


Ta daaaaa  We found the fireplace screen at Pier One and it fits perfectly in the space!  We still need to figure something out with all those cords but for now its perfect!

Monday dad got back to painting and finished all the trim!  Ceiling, baseboards, windows, built in shelf, door frames.  All of it is done.  The room is absolutely beautiful.  We hung the rest of our art in the room and put together a new hanging light and all is well in our living room.



We could not have done this without my parents.  I am so grateful for their work the past week!


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