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two productive weekends

20 Aug

About a month ago we had a situation and accidentally shattered some glass in our back door. The door had 6 glass windows in it and we broke one of the middle panes.  We spent about 3 weeks with the window covered by some cardboard to keep the elements out.
broken windowSo the weekend we did all of the other great projects, we also ordered a new back door.  When Britton was in town last weekend he and his dad put the new door in.  It was actually quite exciting.  I went with them to Menards to pick up new trim because a lot of the old trim didn’t fit around the new in lumberI am definitely a fish outta water when it comes to this stuff!  I only went so we could also get some supplies for my own Saturday project: organizing the laundry room/basement. before the trim went up...

before the trim went up…

So while they were slaving away in the heat, I was cleaning and organizing the unfinished side of the basement.  Someone needs to remind me to start taking some better before pictures.  I don’t know what the deal is!  So the unfinished side of the basement is somewhat of a disaster.  The previous owners left all of their nasty old rugs which were the first to go.  They also put peel and stick over original tile but only in some portions of the space.  So around the edges you can still see the mustard yellow, old school tile.  I don’t think the family EVER cleaned the basement so once the rugs were out I swiffer mopped.  It was absolutely disgusting.  It took 3 swiffer wet mops to finally get all of the dirt up off the floor.

I also got rid of some strange furniture the previous owners had been using in the basement.  They left an old kitchen island or cart that they had a piece of counter top on to make it more functional.  Those went up on Craigslist and were sold within 48 hours!  I organized paint supplies and Britton’s tools along with all of our laundry supplies.  I laid down new indoor/outdoor carpets to make the place look more crisp and clean.  Britton would still like to do more work in the space like add a full bathroom and section off a laundry room to close off the major household machinery.  Bur for now, I think the space looks great!

organized laundryAfter our projects on Saturday we took Sunday off from the home improving and went on a church search.  Let’s just say, the search continues!

This Thursday I was blessed to have my friend Meghan come and stay for a few days.  Britton was out of town through the weekend so it was really nice to have some company.  Saturday was our productive day starting with a very successful trip to the local Farmer’s Market.  I got veggies for the week and some home made honey butter that is to die for!

After the farmers market I did some dog grooming.  Its not easy getting a squirmy pup to sit still for his nails to be clipped!  Somehow my own flesh kept getting in the way of the back end of the clippers.  bruised legThen Meghan and I moved on to putting knobs and pulls on all of the cabinets and drawers of my kitchen.  The pulls were more or less a sinch only needing to drill one hole and having the right screws to do so.  The drawers on the other hand were a whole other story.  Some of the drawers were considerably thicker than the cabinets so we had to run out to home depot to buy longer screws.  We also had to do a lot more precise measuring for the drawer pulls as they needed two screws.  While the project took some time, it really looks great now. knobs before

knobs afterAfter our knobs we took a break from home improvement, got some dinner and watched some “Orange is the New Black.”  Um, I am totally obsessed with that show.  If you haven’t watched it, go right now to do so!

After 2 episodes, we started in on our final project for the weekend.  We primed the entry.  With such lovely paint already on the walls Britton and I decided it really needed two coats so I will continue that project this week but I am happy to have gotten the project started with some help!primed foyerI have not decided on a color yet but mostly because we’ve been painting our samples on un-primed walls.  Its tough to get a feel for a color when they are being painted over the tan/orange color that is currently covering the walls in our home.  So that’s on the docket for tonight, try out some of our samples on primed walls.  Hopefully by my next post I will have some walls painted too!