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30 Oct

Last weekend I had the pleasure of heading out to New York City to visit my lovely sister, Kristen.  This was not my first trip, nor as I imagine, my last.  I love going to visit but I don’t know how Kristen lives there!  Here are some of my highlights from this trip!

  1. Midnight brunch at Bubby’s.  I arrived in NYC after 10 pm but was starving.  Lucky for me, Kristen was too!  We headed out for a fantastic meal at Bubby’s in Tribeca and arrived in time for their midnight brunch.  We split the best pulled pork sandwich EVER with a sides of coleslaw and baked mac ‘n cheese.  I highly recommend Bubby’s!  Bubby's
  2. Cupcake trifecta.  Most of you know, I have a cupcake addiction.  When I arrived at our hotel Kristen had already stopped at two cupcake places to pick up a few for us to try.  Magnifico!Cupcakes
  3. Brunch crew.  On Saturday Kristen had planned to get her brunch crew together so that I could meet some of her friends.  We went to this fabulous place in Chelsea called Montmartre.  Kristen even made reservations for us to sit on their back porch! So fun!Brunch Crew
  4. The High Line.  After brunch we strolled over to the high line as I had never been.  I would say, this was my favorite part of the trip!  The High Line is an old railway that was built above the streets in Manhattan that has since been turned into a park.  Along the path we stopped for the best ever ice cream sandwich, snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon ice cream in the middle.  AMAZING.Ice Cream Sandwich High Line
  5. Central Park.  While walking the city we decided to hit up central park.  Along we walked we witnessed one proposal and about half a dozen wedding photo shoots.  The weather wasn’t great but the park was beautiful.  It was also my first time seeing the beautiful fountain and the Alice in wonderland statue!Central Park Fountain Central Park
  6. Fedora.  Kristen had me choose a restaurant for dinner about 2 months ago because she was so excited about my visit 🙂 and I chose Fedora.  We split two apps and the fried chicken dinner.  It was to die for!  AND the chicken still had its foot attached when it arrived on our table making the experience even more fun!Fedora
  7. The brooklyn bridge.  This was my first time walking across the bridge and it was beautiful.  There were a LOT of people also walking the bridge which made it a little crowded.  There were some angry bikers yelling at the crowds but the views were unbelievable.Brooklyn bridge
  8. Smorgasburg.  This was amazing.  Think food truck night minus the trucks.  All these local bakers/chefs/cooks come out to a park in Brooklyn and serve their goods.  We had WAY too much food and went back into the city with WAY too many desserts but  it was all awesome.  We had donuts from dough, corn bread from Chedbread and cookies from S’more.  We walked close to 2 miles to get there but it was well worth the workout!egg rolls ChedBread desserts

I wore my up band the entire time I was there and from the time I walked off the plane to the time I got home we walked a total of 28 miles and 57,000 steps!  All in all, I’d say it was a great trip!  Thanks Kristen for allowing me to come and steal your weekend! I had a blast!