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pros and cons

16 Jul

This last weekend I was in Florida for some family stuff but had the opportunity to do some house searching as well.  The big move, although still 5 months away for me, is starting to feel very real.  We (or at least I) would like the house to be sold before Britton leaves for Florida, making my time left here a little easier.  And with a trip to the Mediterranean in at the end of September, it means we need to get to work!

As my dad, sister and I drove from one end of Central Florida to the next, weeding out neighborhoods and available houses, I had some time to think a lot about what the next move will mean.  The pros and the cons of moving to Florida.


Britton and I will have more time together.  It’s no secret, having a traveling husband is hard.  With him living and working in his territory it should lighten the travel load and leave him home a lot more!

me and britton facetime Winter in Florida.  I HATE winter up here.  Last year we had negative 50 wind chill days and its unbearable.  Florida will be MUCH better.  This picture is from December of 2012 when we were wedding venue hunting!

Dec Venue ShoppingCloser to my family. Being so far away makes it tough to see my family.  I went a full 9 months between seeing my sister and that was just too much!

mom and sisCons:

I love my midwest family.  We have so much family right at our fingertips and I will miss them SO much.  We always joke that my in-laws are our best couple friends… but its no joke.  We will miss them the most.

me and janetI love my job.  I’ve had many ups and downs along my career path and I found a place that I enjoy going to every day.  I don’t know what that will look like in Florida.

SALI love our home.  We’ve only been in it 15 months but we’ve put a lot of sweat, love and tears into it.  We made this house our home and I wish we could take it with us!

DSC_0157When I got back in town I put our house up on Zillow and it’s been up on Craigslist.  We’ve had many emails of interest and are hosting our first open house on Sunday.  It’s real.  We’re coming for you Florida!