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florida house hunt

28 Aug

This last weekend I met Britton down in Orlando to do our first house search.  My mom had gone about with our realtor a few weeks earlier so we had some idea of areas and neighborhoods we were most interested in.  Leading up to the weekend our realtor had shared over 40 houses with us and we had about 15 that were real possibilities.  So the weekend before, Britton and I pulled up a spreadsheet and started inputting data so that we could have a clear picture of all the data related to every single house.  While creating this spreadsheet was time consuming, it was extremely beneficial.  We came up with a list of 14 houses we wanted to see and sent that on to our realtor so that she could start making appointments if necessary.

That week there were a few additional houses that popped up on the market that we wanted to see and a few others that went pending.  So by Friday night we had a list of 13 houses to see in two days.  Friday night we spent time with some of my family with a surprise visit from my aunt and uncle that live about two hours south of Orlando.  We dined in the downtown area of Winter Garden as it was soon to be our new home.  My cousin and his wife live there so we let them show us the town!  Spending time in downtown Winter Garden only solidified our decision to move out to that area.  There is a lot of new development but it still has a quaint home town feel.

Winter Garden Liebman FamilySaturday morning we started at 9 am and had my mom join us to check out the properties.  We saw eight houses all before 2 pm with lunch somewhere in the middle!  Some of our possibility houses proved to be not so awesome in person making it a lot easier to widdle the list down to a workable number.  The first house we saw stayed moms favorite right through the end of the day.  And, really, we loved that house too!  But for that house, instead of having access to a pool, whether in the yard or neighborhood, it has an extensive landscaped yard that Britton and I both fear!  By he end of day one there were three on our top list that we loved (including moms favorite) and scheduled to see two of them again.

Sunday we gave ourselves a little more time in the morning and started at 10 am with my dad.  We spent an hour in the first house as it quickly raised to the top of our list after seeing if the day before.  Seeing it for a second day only made us fall in love even more.  The house is in an amazing neighborhood with GREAT amenities.  And of all the houses we saw in this neighborhood, this house had the largest yard with the most privacy.  We spent another five+ hours looking at homes only to decide at the end of the day that the first house we looked at was the one we wanted to place an offer on.

Right now all the wheels are moving in the right direction with an offer we accepted on our house and an accepted offer on the house down in Florida.  For being a weekend in a favored vacation destination, this weekend was anything but a vacation.  By Monday morning emotions were high after having such an exhausting weekend looking at houses.  I am hoping and praying that over the next two months we stay on track and this puzzle comes together!