Day 2 European Vacation: Venice and Splendour of the Seas

10 Oct

On Saturday morning we woke up early so that we could see some Venice sites before we had to board the cruise.  We headed to a little restaurant not far from the hotel to grab some Venetian breakfast.  We split an amazing croissant with an gooey orange center and I had the eggs and bacon.  SO GOOD!


After breakfast we headed back to the hotel to catch the boat for a free tour out to the Murano glass factory.  Murano is the island in Venice that has a history of glass blowing.  The factory is responsible for more glass chandeliers on the island than anyone else (which is evident in many of my pictures to come).  We were fortunate enough to have someone there to demonstrate their art and watched a vase and a solid horse be made right before our eyes.  The factory has been in a family history for MANY years.  The art was extremely expensive but we did make it out of there with some glasses in hand!

IMG_0252[1]After Murano we were back at the hotel and spent some time roaming the gardens on the grounds.  It was beautiful!


Our next stop was to grab our luggage and walk back in the direction of the train station to get to the cruise port to board Splendour of the Seas.  Once we arrived we were able to quickly move through security and boarded the ship.  We found our room and made ourselves comfy before the ship left the port.  That night we had dinner at one of their specialty restaurants on board.  They served Japanese food and it did not disappoint!  The sushi and the appetizers were amazing!




After dinner we checked out the Schooner bar before heading to bed.  We had to be rested for our first port in the morning so we didn’t spend too much time checking out the ship!


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