Day 4 European Vacation: Cruisin’ the Aegean

17 Oct

The fourth day of vacation was somewhat uneventful as we spent the day on our ship.  It was, however, our two year anniversary so we made the most of it!  Britton seemed to have caught a cold in route to Europe so he was feeling slightly under the weather.  And the real weather that day was also a bit interesting as we awoke to very strong winds outside making a day lounging somewhat difficult!

We spent our morning being lazy and made it to breakfast just before it ended.  Afterwards, we hopped into our swimsuits and went up to the 9th deck to find ourselves some chairs to lounge on.  After a few hours of lazyness we decided to change clothes and try out the rock climbing wall that was located on the back of the ship!  We are not rock climbers so this was very interesting and pretty darn fun!

DSC_0545 DSC_0555That night was the first formal night aboard the ship.  There was supposed to be an aerial performance on the ship but due to high winds they had to cancel.  We had made reservations for the steak house that night and were delighted by an excellent meal complete with a chocolate dessert!

DSC_0580 DSC_0570Following dinner the ship really began to rock as we were coming into some very rough seas.  We spent a little time walking around the ship before finally heading down to our room for bed.  The 8 foot seas rocked us to sleep.


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