Day 6 European Vacation: City on a cliff

28 Oct

Wow. Wow. Wow.

DSC_0740I’ve been putting off this post. Not sure how to put into words the beauty of Santorini and the city of Oia.  It was breathtaking.  This was what we woke up to… the cliff city of Oia.  The city that I think of every time I think of Greece.  This was it.  This was the whole reason for the trip (although every minute was amazing).

There is no port in Santorini that can support a ship the size of ours so our boat stayed in the water tendered and we took smaller boats ashore that day.  We had an excursion planned to see Oia, Fira and the winery on the island.  Our guide spoke amazing English with such a beautiful accent that I just enjoyed listening to her speak!  We took a bus from a small port on one side of the island straight through to the opposite side where the city of Oia is perched.  The island is very interesting because as we drove up the inside of the cliff, directly across from us we could see large expanses of flat lands and then another ocean (which I could not get a good picture of due to the movement of the bus).  More than half the island is used for farming and much of that farming is grapes for their signature wine.

DSC_0749 DSC_0758(OH MY GOODNESS! THESE PICTURES!) The first stop was Oia (pronounced eye-ah) and it was like a dream.  We got there really early and the crowds had not yet joined us.  As we walked along the winding paths through hotels, shops and restaurants we were blown away by the sheer beauty of the city and the ocean.  The island is part of a volcanic caldera called Thera in the Aegean Sea.  There is also another island across from Santorini that is inhabited but it is very small and has not been updated to include drivable roadways.

DSC_0752 DSC_0759 DSC_0761The iconic white buildings with blue roofs are starting to change a bit.  You can see in the distance of some of these pictures that white is not the uniform anymore.  That decision was made because of how blinding the white can be.  Now people can paint buildings any light color.  I still liked the white best despite how bright it was!

DSC_0762 DSC_0768DSC_0774Britton and I will DEFINITELY go back and stay in one of these amazing, small hotels in the future if we ever get another opportunity to do so.  It would be amazing to stay a week!

After Oia we headed out to the opposite side of the island to their winery.  We tried some great wines and bought a bottle of their port.  The winery was not surrounded by fields of grapes like I had expected but was situated over the cliffs so it was beautiful none the less!

The last stop was the city of Fira.  This is more or less the downtown of Santorini.  There were rows and rows of shops and restaurants.  We stopped in to a restaurant situated high on the cliff side and we had an amazing view while we chowed down on some gyros!

DSC_0816After lunch we shopped a bit more and then headed down to the boats.  We were fortunate enough to take the bus up but that was not an option to get back down.  They did have cable cars that went both ways but the line was forever long.  The other options were to take a donkey down the long stairs or walk.  We opted for the walk!


I had a hard time taking pictures in an effort to watch where I was stepping to avoid the donkeys and their poop but Britton got most of the walk on the GoPro!  The video is long but its pretty cool to see the walk!

DSC_0823If you notice the squiggle line in the picture above, that’s the walk down from Fira!  SO AMAZING!


One Response to “Day 6 European Vacation: City on a cliff”

  1. Kendra G. October 30, 2014 at 1:25 pm #

    I just got caught up on your trip. GORGEOUS!!!! This was my favorite, I can see why it was yours. What a fun trip! xoxo

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