It’s GO time!

6 Nov

Going to switch it up a bit and get this down before I finish my vacation posts 🙂

Back in August we did our house search down in Florida to get us ready for the big move.  We put an offer on the house back when we were down there and we were good to go on the sale of our house up here.  I wish I could say the process went smoothly but I am certain that is not possible with the purchase and sale of homes!

Thankfully, last Monday the sale of our home was finalized and by Tuesday we had a close date and time for our house in Florida.  Britton and his mom, Janet, started the drive to Florida with our cat Disco early Tuesday morning and planned to do the drive in just two days.  They stopped in Nashville along the way to stay with Grandpa George and then made the last leg of the drive on Wednesday.

IMG_0359[1]Thursday morning Britton and Janet were up early and heading out to our house in Winter Garden.  The plan was to stay at my dad’s house until our furniture arrived so as not to waste money on a hotel.  Just like every element of this process there were a few surprises on Thursday morning when they arrived at our soon to be home for the final walk through.  The previous owners removed from the walls every curtain rod and hanger which was specifically outlined in the contract to stay.  After some negotiation we got a few bucks out of the deal to make up for the mistake.

I arrived to the Orlando airport with just enough time to grab a quick lunch and head straight to close.  We got the keys but decided to wait until Friday to head over to the house.

Friday morning we woke up ready to work on the new house but the universe had other plans.  Dealing with some last minute changes with closing the day before we finally got over to the house after noon but wanted to register our car with the homeowners association and then get some cleaning and painting supplies to start our projects on the house.  We finally got to work at around 2:30 pm!

IMG_0488[1]Britton’s aunt and uncle were traveling through Orlando on Friday so they stopped in to help us a bit with our projects and see the new area.  It was a delight to see them in our new home (too bad I was too distracted with projects to get a picture!)

IMG_0399[1]The biggest project we wanted to accomplish before our furniture arrived on Saturday was painting the master bedroom.  It was the only room in the house we felt HAD to be painted before all of our large furniture arrived.  So that was our task for Friday and it was finally done around 10 pm.

Saturday morning the moving company arrived bright and early at 8 am and began unloading the boxes.  We had 120+ boxes and another 100+ pieces of furniture that were unloaded in about 4 hours.  Once they were gone we went straight to work.  Mom and Janet got the front guest room ready as that’s where Janet and Greg would be sleeping that night.  Britton and I started to do a bit of organizing in our master bathroom and closet.  I’m just going to admit this.  It’s still a disaster! We have WAY too many bathroom items!

By Saturday night we had the guest room in order, the master bedroom and kitchen mostly in order and the living room was looking great.  We made plans to have fun on Sunday at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot so Saturday really was the only day for organizing. I’m pretty happy with the progress

IMG_0411[1] IMG_0419[1]Sunday we rested (so to speak)! We thought it was VERY important to take a time out and have some fun!  So we headed to Epcot and drank, ate and walked our way around the world!  It was a much needed release from such a long and hard weekend!

Epcot Family Epcot PretzelsMonday I headed back up to Iowa with Janet and Greg and left BRitton with a lot of work to do on the house.  Luckily, I’ll be back down for Thanksgiving and it’s only 6 weeks before I moved to Florida again!


One Response to “It’s GO time!”

  1. Joni November 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm #

    My baby girl comes back to Florida 🙂 YAY!! Win/Win!!

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