Days 8 & 9 European Vacation: Aboard our Ship and Venice Round Two

12 Nov

Back to our beautiful vacation 🙂

The last day aboard Splendour of the Seas we were out to Sea for the day.  And unlucky for us, the weather was pretty crummy and Britton was hitting a wall with his own cold situation.  We had hoped to spend the day warming up in the sunlight on the deck but instead we were confined to the interior of the ship.

We started the morning with a  language class to get us prepared for the Italian language once we landed back in Venice.  Most of what we learned were refreshers for us from before we left the states.  We had done a little prep with Duolingo!

Afterwards there were a lot of sales on the ship so we bought a few gifts and also a set of playing cards.  Once the cards were in our hot little hands we spent the remainder of the day playing rummy.  Britton had never played before and it was one of my favorite past times with my family!  We literally wasted hours away playing rummy all over the ship!

For dinner we had our last reservations at Izumi and enjoyed a final meal of sushi before heading downstairs for a night of fun and games with the ship’s cruise director.


Octopus and it was amazing!

DSC_0939On Saturday morning we were off the ship bright and early and headed straight to our next hotel.  We were staying at the Hilton Molino Stuckey and it was absolutely gorgeous.  Our room was not ready yet but we dropped off our bags and rested a bit before heading out to the main island of Venice again.  This hotel was located on a nearby island called Giudecca.  At the top of the hotel they have a pool that was not operational at this point during the season but the views from up there were just breath taking!

DSC_0941 DSC_0947DSC_0944The hotel had a shuttle service that would take us from Guidecca to the main island.  We headed over there after a quick breakfast in the lounge and began to take in the sites of a new part of the island that we hadn’t yet explored.  Right away we came across an old cathedral and a tiny shop where they made the gondolas!

DSC_0950 DSC_0954We decided that we wanted to see some of the historic museums while we were walking around that day so we got a museum pass that would get us into 15 different museums throughout the islands of Venice!  The picture below came from the Ca’Rezzonica Museo del Settececento which used to be someone’s home.  The paintings on the ceilings were just amazing!

DSC_0958We also stopped at the grand canal and were a bit disappointed with the line of shops across it.  We were much more enthralled by all the smaller bridges crossing over the canals.  But we did take the obligatory picture!

DSC_0978 DSC_0980We also stopped for some treats along the way.  Had a pizza on a pretzel for lunch and just could not resist a picture of these adorable marshmallows!  I mean come on!

DSC_0977 DSC_1011We also did some perusing through the iconic fish market.  We got there a little late though so most of the stands were already packed up.  But some cool stuff regardless!

DSC_0982 DSC_0986Man we walked around a lot that day!  We also made our way to the modern art museum and as you can see we came across the thinker and some Warhols.

DSC_0994The Thinker

The Thinker



We ended the evening at one of the restaurants at our hotel.  We were really struggling to find a place on the island of Guidecca and didn’t want to take the shuttle over to the main island.  But we walked a lot more that night looking at the restaurants before settling back at our hotel.  I should also mention, they upgraded us to a two bedroom suite so we were in heaven after being on the boat for a week!  Venice is good 🙂


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