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It’s been a long time

27 Feb

I’m sitting at my computer this morning and thought to myself, a lot has been going on, maybe I should blog again.  And when I popped on my site I realized how right I was. I ended my posts about our European vacation and my world changed drastically from there.

For starters, I moved halfway across the country to good ‘ol sunny Florida.  Lets kick off the new year (even though its almost March) with some adventures from that move!

Britton and I celebrated Christmas in Sioux City with all of his family.  We had a great time seeing everyone and were glad to have the opportunity to say goodbye!


On Friday, after Christmas we packed up our Jeep with most of my belongings that had been left behind and set off for St. Louis, where we planned to spend the first night.  Our furbaby Foster was with us and he was a great little traveler!


Along our drive I spotted an amazing leaf-less tree that had three bald eagles perched on its branches! It happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo, but I can tell you, it was amazing!

We made it to our hotel near the St. Louis airport in almost exactly 8 hours and on one tank of gas which seriously surprised me!  The weather the entire journey was overcast and rainy and I was getting over a case of the flu.  I was happy to be in the warm comforts of a Hilton Hotel after that long crummy drive.


After a good night’s rest we were up early to have breakfast with my dear friend Hannah and her fiance’ Michael! It was so great to catch up with Hannah and meet her man!

After breakfast we were back on the road and headed to Franklin, TN.  We decided to stay the second night of our journey with his grandpa and spend some time with some more of Britton’s family in Tennessee.  It was a nice and relaxing night, watching football and eating pizza with the fam.  We also enjoyed watching the thermostat get warmer as every hour moving south passed!  It rained all night long and we had a great sleep at Grandpas; ready to take on the next day of our adventures.

Sunday morning we woke early again to meet another friend of mine in Nashville for breakfast.  She moved from South Dakota about a year before and I was happy to check out her new abode and find some delish brunch in a great city!  Meghan took us to a place called Party Fowl and everything we ate was DELICIOUS!  I’m kinda into food so this place was a huge hit for me.



Once we were on the road again we had decided to take a stop at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN.  On my drive out to the midwest my mom and I stopped at Ruby Falls and I loved it so much I had to share the experience with Britton.  The place was packed this Sunday which was a huge change from the middle of the week date I was there last.  We waited in line for about 20 minutes before we were able to head down into the caves of Ruby Falls.  But once we made it down there we were not disappointed. There is really something magical about being in underground caves and coming across the falls.


We would have liked to have seen a few more things while we were in Chattanooga but the weather was unruly that day and decided to just keep on trucking.  We drove to Cordelle, GA which is a small town outside of Atlanta.  We had considered staying in Atlanta for the night but all of my Atlanta friends were still out of town for the holiday so we decided to drive as far as we could to make our last day of driving shorter.

On Monday morning we were not in a big rush to get out the door with no more plans on our schedule.  It was exciting to pass over the Florida Georgia state lines, knowing that I was back home again and happy to see all the familiar stops along the drive.  This Florida State Seminole was even happy to drive through Gainesville as it brought back happy memories of college road trips!

Once in Florida the weather turned to hot and sunny and like all drives along the I-75 corridor we hit a load of heavy traffic trying to reach the Turnpike.  But from then on we didn’t care about the traffic or the hot sticky weather, we were home again and it felt so good!