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Adventure in the Caribbean

21 Apr

At the end of February I was still living the life of a home maker (which, is still the case) and had the opportunity to join my husband, Britton, in Puerto Rico while he was down there for business.  When his two week business trip was put on the books I was anxious to find a way to join him and having no obligations to speak of, it was the perfect time to have that vacation.

The night I arrived we went out with his coworker and some of the Businessmen they have been working with.  They took us to a little area in San Juan called La Placita.  It was a Thursday night and the area was thumping with the happy hour crowd.  People were drinking their Medella beers and Don Q rum throughout the streets.  As the name implies, it was a Puerto Rican block party and we had a blast.  We waited about an hour for seats in a hidden gem of a restaurant, Jose Enrique, and got to see the nightlife as we roamed the streets stopping for drinks along the way.

Our first meal in Puerto Rico set me on the path for a weekend of indulging in some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.  At Jose Enrique I had some fresh grouper but Britton’s meal was the true winner at the table.  He had a whole snapper, fried, and it was the most beautiful plate I’d ever seen AND the most delicious fish I have ever eaten.

IMG_0131The next morning we were up early and headed into Old San Juan for some Mallorcas.  They are a traditional Puerto Rican pastry sort of like a more yeasty beignet.

IMG_0974Afterward I headed to the beach to soak up some rays.  Britton’s business partners gave us the 411 on the best beaches so I had to check out 7 seas beach in Fajardo.  The beach had beautiful white sands and warm crystal clear water.  It was the perfect way to spend my morning.


I had the great pleasure of eating lunch with Britton and his colleagues in Fajardo and we ate at a little place in one of the marinas in the area.  My second true Puerto Rican meal did not disappoint!  Another round of fresh fish for us all and I got to try mofongo.  Its probably my new favorite thing.  Along with tostones.  Anything with green or sweet plantains has become the food items I dream about!

IMG_0973After the beach Britton and I spent some time at the pool at our hotel.  We had a beautiful view that night from the top floor of the hotel and watched as some storms pulled across the island.


Saturday morning was another early one for us all as we headed into the rainforest for some hiking.  I brought my camera along with me this time and wow…  Everything we saw was truly spectacular.  Our first hike was smaller and lead to a waterfall.  We did not come prepared in our bathing suits so we didn’t join in the fun but we did watch and get some awesome photos.

DSC_0064 DSC_0095 DSC_0109Our second hike was a little more strenuous up to Mount Britton.  We had to do that hike because it took us almost to the top of the mountains in the forest and gave us the best views of all of the island.  The weather was iffy that day and we didn’t have a lot of rain gear.  Lucky for me I did bring a rain jacket mostly to make sure the camera would stay dry.  Along the second hike came the heavy rain and about the last half mile of the hike, the rainforest lived up to its name and we were stuck in a torrential down pour with no shelter to speak of.  But it was worth it.  We got up to the tower and couldn’t see much through the very heavy cloud cover.  But once it cleared it took our breath away.

DSC_0115 DSC_0124 DSC_0134 DSC_0154After the rainforest we headed down to Luquillo and checked out a spot with a line of street restaurants and shops.  I always have to make sure we are stopping at the best place to eat so we walked the whole line of kiosks s before returning to the first restaurant we saw to sit down for a late lunch.  I had the shrimp mofongo and OMG it was out of this world.  Are you seeing a trend here?  Go to Puerto Rico for the best food EVER!


Man, I have a lot of food to talk about!  You’d think that was all we did! And we DID do a lot of it.  Which brings me to Saturday night.  We had a customer dinner planned with the folks from Trafon which is the distributor that Britton is working with down there.  This was a special night as everyone brought their spouses and we went out to one of the nicest restaurants probably on the entire island.  It was called, Meat Market San Juan and it’s located in El San Juan hotel (which is also one of the most amazing, old hotels in San Juan.)  This was a night of pure indulgence as we all sipped cocktails, tried half the menu and shared stories about work, life and family.  The work family in Puerto Rico is unlike any other Britton has come across working across the US.  They really did treat us like family and it was an awesome experience.


To be continued…