Part 2 (Finally) Adventures in the Caribbean

5 Jun

I’ve started a new job since the last post which has put me on an unimaginable roller coaster

So back to it… On Sunday of our Puerto Rican adventure we booked a trip that was supposed to take us on a boat ride to a smaller island called Culebra.  Unfortunately, due to bad weather off the coast that increased the surf, the catamaran trip had to be altered.  Instead we took the boat out to a smaller, uninhabited island and had planned to do some snorkeling off the coast.  The morning was beautiful and it made for a perfect day out on the water.


We did not bring our camera that day so I won’t be able to share my usual highlights in picture form but take my word for it, the day was beautiful.  We went out to the small island after a somewhat rough we made it to the small island where we ended up staying the whole day.  We played in the water most of the day and really enjoyed just a day on the water.  The surf was too rough to do any snorkeling so instead we just lounged on the boat of floated in the water.  It was a beautifully relaxing day.

On our way back to the main island we went through a bit of rainy weather.  Britton and I were champs though and stayed on the front of the catamaran to take in all the beauty of the day.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to try a little local restaurant for dinner.  It had great ratings and was an adorable little place.  We had so much fun walking there and walking back.


On Monday morning, Britton was off to work again but I had the day to do some exploring.  I walked into Old San Juan and walked probably every street before the day was over.  I explored busy thoroughfares and quaint little one way streets.  I did not make it inside the fort but I saw the outside and walked along the old roads just outside the walls. I roamed the streets for hours alone so if you get bored by my pictures just skip ahead!


Pelican of Old San Juan Lady of Old San Juan

Streets of Old San JuanAlong my walk I came upon the most beautiful cemetary I have ever seen situated right on the ocean. Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis.  As I walked through the headstones I couldn’t help but take glances of the names and dates of those buried there.



Along my walk back to the hotel I was also impressed with the beauty of the different parks and buildings along the way.  We had walked the same route the night before in the dark and in the daylight I was enamored with the beauty that surrounded me while I was in Puerto Rico.

Part 2 10 ParksHopefully this will not be our last trip to PR.  The whole trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!


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