Bookshelf Organization

15 Jun

We have LOADS of books and various shelves to store them all over our house.  Traditionally I’ve just thrown books on the shelves more or less based on… nothing.  No rhyme or reason.  Sometimes I would put all of Brittons books together.  Sometimes I put genres together.  Basically our bookshelves have been a hot mess for YEARS!

Until now.

I saw in a few places that people were starting to organize their books by color.  Wow, what a brilliant idea.  Most of our books have been read already so its not like I’m EVER looking for something specific when I browse our book shelves.  So why not just make them look pretty?

So I emptied all the shelves and started making color piles all over our living room.  Some piles were CLEARLY larger than others (mainly black and white bound books had the most.)  I gotta say, this was really fun.  I didn’t take any before pictures but I’m sure, even if its isn’t a problem at your house, you’ve seen some pretty messy book shelves.  So just imagine that as your before.

We also have some knick knacks that I scattered among the now colorful shelves.  Some books I stacked up, some I have in a normal standing fashion.  I sort of just went with t what would work and played a game of trial and error as I went.


In reality there is a tv cabinet standing between the two shelves but no one needs a picture of that.

I did do two piles that were not color coded. One was a pile with all of our books related to religion and another was our travel and diet books.  I wanted to have easier access to those two groups as I know there will be times I want to find them easier.  I also have another bookshelf to the left of these that ONLY has my series books.  So thats where I can easily find my Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and many other fantastical stories that I may be tempted to re-read 🙂

How do you organize your bookshelves?


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