Friday I’m In Love

26 Jun

Happy Friday!  I’m both excited and sad about the upcoming weekend.  Britton is away for both business and pleasure this weekend which leaves me with an empty house.  While I’m sad that he is away (and going to a family members wedding today) I am excited about having the house to myself!  So much can get done when you have a weekend of free time!

On to my loves for this week.

#1 Meet + Make


Although this event happened last week, it wasn’t on the list because it happened Friday night.  I got to attend my second Meet + Make put on by Sarah Hearts and her team.  The last time we painted glasses and this time it was a wood piece of art.  Although I’m not all that creative I am the kind of straight forward person that puts together a design and gets it done quickly 🙂 I had a blast with this one and enjoyed the company of my mother, some old friends and some new!

#2 Central Florida Summer Skies


If anyone follows my Instagram account you know how obsessed I am with weather.  I probably post at least a picture of weather twice a week.  I have a long commute to work but I realized this week just how beautiful that commute is on my way home every evening.  Taking the 414 to the 429 every day I get sprawling views of Central Florida and, lately, the beautiful weather clouds rolling in. I really should have been a meteorologist!

#3 Grace

Britton and I have spent our marriage church shopping.  We found one that we loved in Iowa but had to start over when we moved to Florida.  We only went to two different ones but fell in love at first site with Grace in Winter Garden.  We’ve made friends there and are really starting to be part of the community too.  It feels good to find our home.

#4 Be Our Guest

IMG_2275 IMG_2274

We’ve been Annual Pass Holders to Disney since I moved down at the end of December and I’ve been waiting for this meal since then. The new Be Our Guest restaurant and attraction has been booked solid since we moved.  I finally made a last minute reservation a few months ago only for Britton to get sick that day forcing us to cancel.  So when I found an open reservation for a 4:35 pm dinner on a Sunday I snatched it up so fast your head would spin.  And it did NOT disappoint!  The inside of the “castle” brought me back to my childhood Saturday mornings watching Beauty and the Beast on the couch with my sister.  It was amazing.  Even the food was amazing!  I will definitely be going back if I can ever get another reservation 🙂

How about you?  What are you crazy about on this fabulous Friday?



2 Responses to “Friday I’m In Love”

  1. fitballingrunningmom June 26, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    Look at that sky!!! Beautiful!

    Enjoy the alone time 🙂

  2. awiselee June 28, 2015 at 8:05 am #

    We are headed to Disney for the first time with our kids in October! No surprise that we couldn’t get into Be Our Guest. But we are excited nonetheless. Love those skies!

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