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Friday I’m In Love

24 Jul

This has been a WHIRLWIND of a week!  Thank goodness for Friday!  And a Friday for me that includes a flight out of town 🙂



PAINT! We painted our living room last weekend and it is AMAZING what a coat of paint can do to a home.  I like to tell people our walls are an olivey poop shade of brown but so far we’ve changed that awful aura and I’m in love.  I’m also in love with Sherwin Williams Super Paint which was on sale last weekend, making it the perfect time to buy paint for the inside of the house.  ONE COAT is all it took to cover up that awful brown! Once the whole house is updated with paint I’ll share more.



Did I tell you all that I’m into essential oils yet?  Young Living is my brand of choice.  This week I am totally digging my Essential Rewards delivery.  I’ve been using RutaVala at night to help me sleep and Orange in the morning to wake up!  Are you interested in learning more about essential oils?  Jot a note down below and I’d be happy to share more!



Do you remember that awesome husband I was telling you about last week?  Well this week he made me crab rangoons.  I had a craving and his are better than anyone else’s.  Paired with our crab rangoons we had some kalbi steak tips and broccoli.  It was a great meal.


I’ve been having a flash back week for music and started listening to my Capital Cities record on Wednesday.  What a great pick me up on my way to the office!  I have a 45 minute commute and this song just makes me dance around!


What are you loving this week?  Check out some other Friday I’m In Love posts!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


Summer Wreath

20 Jul

I’m thinking I will get into some arts and crafts out here while I’m blogging.  I don’t do a lot but I’m trying to do more.  Every season I am anxious to put together a wreath for our front door to make the house more inviting in an otherwise cookie cutter neighborhood.  For spring/summer I went with bright colors and I couldn’t be happier!

I got the idea for my wreath on etsy from a shop called Happily Round.  Her wreaths are ADORABLE!  I don’t think I’m quite to a point where I would start selling my creations online but they’re perfect for my purposes of sprucing up the front of the house.

I purchased 4 skeins of yarn from Jo-Ann fabrics along with some white felt for flowers.  Supplies as follows:

1 foam wreath

2 skeins of yarn for wrapping the foam wreath

2 different colored skeins of yarn for making pom poms

2-4 square felt pieces for making the flowers

1 roll of a ribbon of your choice (I went with a loose hemp style ribbon)

The first step for me was making all of my flowers that I wanted on the wreath.  I made a few extras just in case I got really crazy and wanted to add a lot.  I made the yarn pom poms using my fingers like this tutorial.  Some people do them using a fork or other supplies but fingers were the easiest for me!  I chose to make mine messy and didn’t do a lot of scissoring to the ends to make them uniform.  The yarn was also a lot thicker and more unruly so unruly pom poms were perfect for me!

I also made my loopy flowers out of the felt.  I made mine somewhat small but large enough to not be overwhelmed by the pom poms.  I used the loopy flowers tutorial for mine and I loved them.

The next step was to wrap the wreath with the yarn.  This is the most time consuming part of wreath making (like this anyway).  I caught up on some tv while I wrapped the wreath to make the time go by faster.  I used about one almost both skeins of teal yarn to cover the whole thing.  The yarn I used was wider than the standard yarn so it did go faster than it could have!


Once the wreath was wrapped I started adding the flowers.  It took some planning on my part to make sure they looked all right and I didn’t load one side with one color.  I tied the wreath up with a makeshift bow (which didn’t last long) and hung the wreath on the door.  I won’t even share the original hemp bow as it was quite sad to say the least.


Since completing the project I got some help from a renowned bow expert and the new finished product is perfect!



Friday I’m In Love

17 Jul

Happy Friday friends!  I had another post all set to send this week and it got derailed.  Hopefully early next week it will be up!



Last week I was able to order 101 photos for FREE on Shutterfly!  All I had to pay for was the shipping.  WOOHOO!  Thanks for having such great deals!



On Wednesday we went out with some friends to Drink around the Hood around Lake Ivanhoe.  We had a lot of fun and met some new people!  We will definitely be doing it again!  This photo captured a very interesting art piece we came across along our walk.  It’s reclaimed wood made into the shape of a tree!


If you don’t watch Nashville you are MISSING OUT!  These two are my favorite and I’ve been listening to them a lot this week!  Which leads me into…


Bride and Groom 007

I think it’s easy to forget sometimes how lucky we have it.  When the day gets long and tough it’s easy to want to give up on having that positive outlook.  This Friday and every day I am thankful for my wonderful husband.  He is my rock and my sanity.  I don’t say it enough but it’s the truth.  So today, and every day, I am so in love with Britton!

What are you loving this week?  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday I’m In Love

10 Jul

Happy Friday y’all!  Did you have a good week?



My dear friend Kendra, from over at The Gilbertson Family blog, sorta kinda got me hooked on Essential Oils.  Now this is a new fad but I hope it catches on in my life.  I got my Premium Kit this week and I’ve been doing a ton of research and started putting together some blends for various ailments.  I’m really excited to see where this goes!


Britton and I tend to get very wrapped up in tv shows and our latest obsession is the whispers on ABC.  If this 5 minute intro doesn’t get you hooked too then I’m done.  The premise is that an imaginary friend named “Drill” is telling kids to do some pretty awful stuff.  We just gotta find out who this Drill character is!



When Britton and I moved down here we decided that at least for a year we would get Disney annual passes.  It has SO been worth it.  I think we’ve gone to Epcot at least once a month as well as every other park at least once (I’ve been at least twice).  Passes were not cheap but they’ve more than paid for themselves.  These gems have been an awesome purchase and I’m excited to renew them for next year too!


Tomorrow we are heading to Miami for the Imagine Dragons show. I am beyond excited about it.  So excited that I have not stopped listening to their music all week.  I have 33 songs on repeat.  This song is not on any album available in the US but it’s my favorite 🙂 Enjoy!

6 Months of Visitors

7 Jul

I knew when we moved to Central Florida I should expect to see many guests at the house.  Thankfully I was right!  Last week I posted the fabulous RAST Hack I did which helped us prepare the guest room for all the guests.  This week I thought I would share some of the adventures we’ve had with friends and family that have come to visit.

Our first visitors were Britton’s Aunt Diane and Uncle Terry.  They came in to Orlando at the end of January making their visit not even one month after we arrived!  They came for a few nights before heading to the coast to spend a few weeks with his other aunt and uncle, Kathy and Lee.  When Diane and Terry came to town we took a day off and did three Disney parks in one day!  We had SO much fun with them!  We started the morning off with a trip to Animal Kingdom where we saw a few shows and rode a few rides.


After animal kingdom we spent a few hours at Magic Kingdom and ended the night at Epcot.  They had gone to Italy the year before us and we decided to celebrate our adventures with dinner in Italy around the world.  It was a magical day and we had so much fun with the family!

Our next visitors were another set of Britton’s family, Uncle Lee and Aunt Kathy.  They had spent a month in Marco Island and came to spend a day with us on their drive back up to Iowa.  We also spent a day with them at the parks, but limited ourselves to Epcot for the day.  Britton had to work but since I was still job searching, it was a great way to fill my day!

We ended the evening being adventurous and made reservations in Morocco.  The meal was amazing but the company was even better!


Next we had Britton’s parents in town for almost a week and a half!  (and if they’re reading this blog, it should be noted, they should come back real soon!)  Janet and Greg came into town the first weekend in March.  We partook in lots of fun activities while they were in town, including:

Spring training game


New fan installation


Lots of time at the pool


Celebratory birthday dinner at the Yacht and Beach Club


A boat ride/break down in Mount Dora


Jeremiah’s Ice


Some fun beach time


We had so much fun with them it was sad to see them leave.

Our next house guests arrived much later, coming after the school year ended for a celebratory trip to Orlando.  My former student, current friend, Hanna and her boyfriend Ian.  They came down a week after I started work so I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked but we had a blast none the less.  Highlights from their trip include:

A trip to Epcot


Lunch at Breakers in New Smyrna


Hotel hopping around Disney

IMG_1938 IMG_1925

True ramen at an authentic Japanese restaurant (they spent 6 and 12 months abroad in Japan last year)


A trip down memory lane at Rollins

IMG_1969 IMG_1962

I have loved having all of our houseguests and hope to have a lot more visitors in the coming months and years to come!  So all you friends out there, lets plan some vacations, we’re ready for you!

Friday I’m In Love

3 Jul

Happy Holiday weekend friends!



LONG WEEKENDS! Oh and the celebration of our independence is also something to celebrate!  I also LOVE fireworks so any celebration that allows us to see them is a good day indeed.



I really love to read… and I should specify, I love to read fantasy and YA novels most.  But right now I am loving the book Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  It is not a book I would approve for a young adult but I love it nonetheless.  It’s full of adventure, fantasy and love!  And I bought season 1, part 1 of the STARZ series as well because I just could not get enough!



Last weekend (and this week too) the Loft was having a 50% off sale.  I found this dress and fell in love for sure.  At my new job they have more strict rules on dress code than I am used to so I’ve found myself wearing a lot more dresses than normal.  So when I saw this number I couldn’t pass it up!  Its so comfortable and dress code approved!  I will say, I like it better on me than on this model but that’s besides the point.


I’m surprised I haven’t done a Friday love of any music yet as it sets the town for my whole life.  The band In the Valley Below has become a fast favorite in my book and this song just makes me sing.  I love it.  I love their voices together and the soft melody.  The lyrics just scream to me and give me warm fuzzies all over.  I hope you enjoy it too!

 I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend!