Friday I’m In Love

10 Jul

Happy Friday y’all!  Did you have a good week?



My dear friend Kendra, from over at The Gilbertson Family blog, sorta kinda got me hooked on Essential Oils.  Now this is a new fad but I hope it catches on in my life.  I got my Premium Kit this week and I’ve been doing a ton of research and started putting together some blends for various ailments.  I’m really excited to see where this goes!


Britton and I tend to get very wrapped up in tv shows and our latest obsession is the whispers on ABC.  If this 5 minute intro doesn’t get you hooked too then I’m done.  The premise is that an imaginary friend named “Drill” is telling kids to do some pretty awful stuff.  We just gotta find out who this Drill character is!



When Britton and I moved down here we decided that at least for a year we would get Disney annual passes.  It has SO been worth it.  I think we’ve gone to Epcot at least once a month as well as every other park at least once (I’ve been at least twice).  Passes were not cheap but they’ve more than paid for themselves.  These gems have been an awesome purchase and I’m excited to renew them for next year too!


Tomorrow we are heading to Miami for the Imagine Dragons show. I am beyond excited about it.  So excited that I have not stopped listening to their music all week.  I have 33 songs on repeat.  This song is not on any album available in the US but it’s my favorite 🙂 Enjoy!


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