Summer Wreath

20 Jul

I’m thinking I will get into some arts and crafts out here while I’m blogging.  I don’t do a lot but I’m trying to do more.  Every season I am anxious to put together a wreath for our front door to make the house more inviting in an otherwise cookie cutter neighborhood.  For spring/summer I went with bright colors and I couldn’t be happier!

I got the idea for my wreath on etsy from a shop called Happily Round.  Her wreaths are ADORABLE!  I don’t think I’m quite to a point where I would start selling my creations online but they’re perfect for my purposes of sprucing up the front of the house.

I purchased 4 skeins of yarn from Jo-Ann fabrics along with some white felt for flowers.  Supplies as follows:

1 foam wreath

2 skeins of yarn for wrapping the foam wreath

2 different colored skeins of yarn for making pom poms

2-4 square felt pieces for making the flowers

1 roll of a ribbon of your choice (I went with a loose hemp style ribbon)

The first step for me was making all of my flowers that I wanted on the wreath.  I made a few extras just in case I got really crazy and wanted to add a lot.  I made the yarn pom poms using my fingers like this tutorial.  Some people do them using a fork or other supplies but fingers were the easiest for me!  I chose to make mine messy and didn’t do a lot of scissoring to the ends to make them uniform.  The yarn was also a lot thicker and more unruly so unruly pom poms were perfect for me!

I also made my loopy flowers out of the felt.  I made mine somewhat small but large enough to not be overwhelmed by the pom poms.  I used the loopy flowers tutorial for mine and I loved them.

The next step was to wrap the wreath with the yarn.  This is the most time consuming part of wreath making (like this anyway).  I caught up on some tv while I wrapped the wreath to make the time go by faster.  I used about one almost both skeins of teal yarn to cover the whole thing.  The yarn I used was wider than the standard yarn so it did go faster than it could have!


Once the wreath was wrapped I started adding the flowers.  It took some planning on my part to make sure they looked all right and I didn’t load one side with one color.  I tied the wreath up with a makeshift bow (which didn’t last long) and hung the wreath on the door.  I won’t even share the original hemp bow as it was quite sad to say the least.


Since completing the project I got some help from a renowned bow expert and the new finished product is perfect!




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