walls take tahoe

10 Aug

This summer we took a Wall family vacation with Brittons family.  We chose Lake Tahoe and rented a house on the north west side of the lake.  As a family we decided that each couple would plan a day of the trip because no one ever likes to make a decision so leaving activities to the last minute would leave us all pretty paralyzed!

Britton and I went after work (my last day at my job before beginning a new one) and made it to the lake at about midnight.  It was a long day for us but so worth the trip! Check out that view first thing in the morning!

View from Emerald HouseDay 1 was Janet and Greg’s day and they decided to rent a boat.  We took the boat around the west side of the lake towards Emerald Bay.  The crystal clear water in the lake was so blue it made me feel like we were in the ocean!  So gorgeous!  Emerald Bay was probably my favorite spot on all of Lake Tahoe and we saw it from every angle.  Once we stopped in Emerald Bay, the boys were adventurous and decided to swim from the boat to an island in the middle.  The water in Lake Tahoe is somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees F and it was pretty dang cold that day.  When my two sister in laws decided to join them I hesitated but decided at the last minute that I couldn’t miss out on this adventure.  Once we made it to the rocky shore we came up with our motto for the week, say yes to adventure!

swim emerald bayEmerald Bay from boat us on Emerald Bay

Day 2 was Megan and Jordan’s day and they made tee times at Squaw Creek for late in the afternoon.  That left us with some exploring time that morning!  Jordan, Megan, Britton and I went for an awesome walk through the neighborhood before joining the rest of the family for breakfast in town.  On any open lot there were signs stating that we were on national park land.  HUGE trees towered above us and some had fallen or been chopped down.

Redwood on the treeGolf was beautiful as we climbed through the mountains for a few of the holes.  I didn’t play but the ladies stuck together and I was the official photographer.  As the sun went down we all got cold and by hole 15 I think we were all ready to be done!  Gorgeous day!

golf trail golf courseDat 3 was for Ciana and Jeff to plan and they took us on a real adventure along the Rubicon Trail.  The hike was a path along Lake Tahoe’s south west shore line, mountains and all.  The beginning of the hike was the most steep section of the whole hike.  We walked over 7 miles that day through the mountainous terrain and time and time again saw the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe.  The water on the lake is so amazing.  You would think we were someplace on the shores of the pacific ocean.  The water is blue and more clear than any water I have seen ever.

rubicon 3 Rubicon 1 rubicon 2rubicon familyAt the end of the hike we landed at the Vikingsholm house.  We took the tour and were amazed at the construction and the history of the area.  Check it out on their website!vikingsholm outsidevikingsholmvikingsholm roomDay 4 was finally our turn to plan the day!  We had a great day planned to go kayaking on the east side of the lake.  We woke up early and headed toward that side of the lake which took about 45 minutes.  When we arrived we discovered they had cancelled all kayaking and water sports for the day due to HIGH WINDS! WHAT?! How did this happen.  Our backup plan was to drive south to a hot springs that turned out to be less cool than we had hoped.  We didn’t even get any good photos of the sketchy-ness that was Grover Hot Springs.

The redeeming factor for our day was that we had an opportunity to drive around the south side of the lake and made some great dinner reservations at an awesome restaurant.  We even got a family photo!

familyThe following day the eight of us went separate ways heading home to families and kids.  Britton and I extended the trip and headed west to San Francisco but more on that another day.  What a great family vacation!


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