Friday I’m In Love

14 Aug

Hi friends!  This has been a super slow week for me as I am currently between jobs.  My week has been somewhat uneventful but good nonetheless.


night of worshipLast Sunday our church did their annual Night of Worship.  Our church is one church in many communities.  It was a great night worshiping with the community and connecting with church members from all over Central Florida.


FosterSince I’ve been taking care of things at home I’ve had a lot of time with my baby, Foster.  He’s always on my in love list but this week is special since we’ve spent a lot of time together.



I absolutely love where we live.  I’ve had so much time this week that I’ve gone on a walk or two weekly with Foster.  I love everything about where we live, our neighborhood, Winter Garden and it’s quaint downtown, our neighbors, our church!  It’s all exactly what we were looking for when we moved down here!


Last week I posted a video from George Ezra.  I’m pulling a repeat this week because I like him so much.  And this week’s theirs a guest appearance from Ian McKellan.  I love this song and this video!

What are you loving this week?  Be sure to check out these fellow Friday I’m In Lovers!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


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