Friday I’m In Love

21 Aug

Happy Friday friends! I had the best intentions this week to get another post out but somehow the week just got away from me!  So here are this week’s loves


DZ Family

My Delta Zeta women.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with some of my DZ sisters in Amelia Island.  It was awesome to spend some times with my little family and meet some other amazing women, most of whom were out of college when I started.  I am definitely looking forward to these trips happening more frequently in the future!


FSU Wreath

Craft night with my mom.  A few months back we decided to start monthly sewing lessons.  The first “sewing” lesson last month turned into an essential oils party.  This one turned into a FSU wreath making party.  Next month we may get around to sewing but so far we’ve had a lot of fun!


girls kayak

Girls day at the park.  Today actually I had the great pleasure of joining two friends from church at Wekiwa State Springs Park for a morning kayak trip.  We had so much fun!  Last weekend a woman got her arm bit off by a gator so we were all a bit nervous.  But today we heard the gators and their low grunts in the distance but failed to come across any on our kayaks!


At craft night I played this song for my mom.  She was telling me about a friendship in her life and this song just spoke to me.  I love them!

I had an awesome week spending so much time with so many women in my life!  I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome people!  Speaking of awesome ladies, check out these women and what their crushing on this week 🙂

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


One Response to “Friday I’m In Love”

  1. jonisteele August 21, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

    It was an awesome time for me too.

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