Friday I’m In Love

28 Aug

Wow! It’s Friday already!  Here’s what I’m loving this week 🙂  Be sure to check out what my companion Lovers are up to!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


BLOG Grace BowlingOur Grace family!  Last weekend our small group (that’s not so small) had a bowling get together in Winter Garden.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  I even beat Britton in two rounds (not that I’m at all competitive)!


Working again. For anyone thats been keeping track, the year of 2015 has been an interesting one to say the least.  I started a new job on Monday with the Central Florida STEM Education Council as their coordinator.  I am the first full time employee as the council is made up of a volunteer board of directors.  So far it has been a great learning experience and I know that will continue to be the case.  I’ll be working from home which is also amazing!  Hopefully a post about our updated office will be in the works here soon!


Adjectives Market.  Have you been yet? I headed over that way yesterday with my neighbor and her mom.  I could live in that place!  We’ve been wanting to redo some furniture in our living room with chalk paint and as far as I can tell that’s one of the only places you can buy it.  So I was super excited to get over there and bought my paint and a new dish to add to a new collection (shocking I know).


Renegades. Not only is the song amazing (you’ve heard it in the Jeep Renegade commercial) but its also INSPIRING.  If you watch the video, you will think you are watching an add.  It’s not.  Chart your own path, no matter what life has dealt you, you can overcome.  Be a renegade.


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