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Friday I’m In Love

25 Sep

Oh wow. It’s the last Friday of September!  How did this happen?  Although we are officially in Fall, all that means in Florida is pumpkin flavored goodies and scarecrows in people’s front lawns.  No ACTUAL season changes around here!  But Happy Friday Folks!


Huskers vs Hurricanes.  Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to watch Britton’s football team as they traveled down to Miami to play the Hurricanes.  We had so much fun despite being stuck in the middle of a bunch of Miami fans 🙂  Too bad the huskers didn’t pull out the win!

#2IMG_3743New Smyrna Beach.  The last two days I have had the great pleasure of spending some quality time at the beach with my husband and some of our friends.  We decided last minute, last week in fact, that we should book a house for two nights over at New Smyrna Beach because a previously planned getaway had been cancelled.  I sure am glad we did!  We had a lovely, relaxing day at the beach yesterday and a nice time seeing some of the sites of NSB today!  Thanks for a great getaway Munroes!


FullSizeRenderUtter Nonsense.  On said vacation we whipped out a new game.  Oh man.  We had a blast!  Utter Nonsense is like apples to apples but way more hilarious!  The Nonsense Judge picks from a pile of accents and the players have to find a phrase to speak in said accent and the judge picks the funniest.  It’s amazing how you can suddenly lose all concept of a French accent when put on the spot!  So hilarious!


maxresdefaultLimetown podcast.  Have you heard of it yet?  My suggestion is, just download and subscribe and don’t read reviews or anything about the podcast.  There’s only two episodes out so far but it is addicting.  I can’t wait for the third to come out!

I hope all my friends out there have a wonderful weekend and Happy Fall Y’all!  Be sure to check out what my other bloggers are up to this Friday!

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A Coat of Paint

21 Sep

It’s amazing to me how something so simple can change a house so much!  When we first saw our house online, I didn’t mind the colors on the walls.  They went well with the previous owners furniture.  After I lived here for 2 minutes, I hated them.  We noticed early on that the color on the walls was much like… baby poop.  And it all looked the same from the hallway to the dining room to the living room.  But once we started patching small holes and trying to match the paint they left us, we realized, the living room was a few shades darker, baby poop with a hint of olives.  The color did not AT ALL go with our decor or the look we have going.

We did a lot of painting in our last house.  We had white in our living room, yellow pretty much everywhere else, we even had the honor of completely repainting the exterior of our old house (oh so fun…) and this house I wanted to be different.  I loved our yellow walls and even have yellow in the master bedroom of this new house, but I wanted a change from my tried and true.  So it took me months to decide on a color palette.  Every time we were at Lowes or Home Depot I would grab a hundred more paint chips and drag them around the house.

Finally I did some research to see what colors looked good with big red cabinets (I have two red cabinets, one of which is the focal point in our dining room).  All signs pointed to a shade of blue.  And so I picked up some samples of some of my favorites and got to work.

We painted the living room first, on a Sunday, and my dad came over to help me and Britton.  This was the easiest space to complete and having done the living room, i didn’t feel pressure to do anything else just yet.  I could let it sit for a while without the house looking like a complete mess.  I knew that once I moved around the walls of that room, we would have to get it all done and fast!

IMG_2552Once I left my job to pursue a new one I ended up with a few weeks of free time.  It seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to knock out an overhaul in our house and that’s just what I did!  I posted a few times in my Friday I’m In Love posts how much I love our new paint, one coat is all our ugly, poop brown walls needed and it was perfect for me to be able to do on my own.  We went from drab to fab in a week and I only needed minimal help from Britton to get it completed.

Entrance hallway before and afterIMG_0596

20150805_214219833_iOSDining room and red cabinet before and after

IMG_0471IMG_3718Wine cabinet and kitchen before and after


Bedroom hallway before and after

IMG_1150IMG_3719It was a lot of work but SO worth it.  Just days after painting it I felt like this was how our house should have always been.  As though I hadn’t just spent HOURS making it that way!  I love it!

Friday I’m In Love

18 Sep

Happiest of Fridays to you folks!  This has been a trying week so I am so glad its Friday!  Ready for some relaxation! Oh! And a Huskers game right here in Florida 🙂


DZ MixerFriends.  This month I am celebrating the birthdays of some of my dearest friends.  Most are far far away (New York City, Minneapolis and Nashville) but some are a little closer.  I’m also thankful today for my sorority friends that I have just reconnected with, my Delta Zeta sisters of greater Orlando.  To all my friends all across the US and beyond.  I am so thankful for you all!


friday-i_m-in-loveHow about this amazing shirt!  My friend out in South Dakota sent me the link this week and obviously I had to buy it.  I mean, someone made a Friday I’m In Love shirt that I would most definitely wear!  How cute!


lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-yoga-12-modesMy new 2 in 1 laptop.  I have had the same laptop since graduate school and, needless to say, it was no longer functioning the way it used to.  My old laptop had to be plugged in at all times because the battery was shot.  It was slow as molasses and the screen wasn’t that clear for today’s standards.  And now that I’m working from home as an “independent contractor” I had to use my computer daily for work.  So I started the research and picked my favorite.  Thank you Best Buy for being so wonderful and having my new Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad in stock AND on sale on Monday!  I LOVE IT!


Sense8.  Have you watched this show?  It’s a netflix original so you know it is good.  Once Britton and I started watching it we couldn’t stop and are already counting down until season 2 releases next year.  The show is amazing and it will have you on the edge of your seat every single moment.  For me it filled a void that was left when fringe ended a few years back.  Watch it.

I hope all my friends out there have a wonderful weekend!  Be sure to check out what my other bloggers are up to this Friday!

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Karl, We Love You <3

16 Sep

Back to our vacation in San Francisco.

On our third day of vacation we were up early and headed straight to Lands End for a morning of climbing.  We were staying on the opposite side of San Francisco so we had an uber pick us up and take us over there.  I’m not sure if he really knew where we needed to be but he dropped us off and we made our way into the park.  The views were incredible.  Despite Karl, the fog if you recall, being an ever present being while we were in San Francisco, he made for some beautiful views.  Once we made it out to the shoreline, which was a ways up from the water, we could see across the bay.  We had the Golden Gate Bridge to the right and the pacific ocean to the left.  It was amazing.



20150731_172929309_iOS 20150731_175649951_iOS20150731_175330481_iOSWe spent a lot of time walking the trails of the park.  A lot of time climbing up mountainous terrain.  Once we had our fill of the sites of Lands End we started making our way south west to find the entrance to Golden Gate Park.  Along our journey we came across the Sutro Baths and some amazing cliff views.

20150731_185258147_iOSAs we walked further around the coast and towards the park we came across a large stretch of beach.  Despite the overcast weather, there were a lot of people milling about and what looked like a volleyball camp full of kids learning to play.  As a beach girls myself, i loved the sites and sounds of the morning beach goers.

20150731_190824795_iOS 20150731_191028687_iOS 20150731_191512644_iOSAs we got closer to the park we were greeted by two huge windmills that were built in the early 1900’s.  It was a beautiful sight to see in the big city.

20150731_192141957_iOSFor anyone that doesn’t know about Golden Gate Park, its designed much like Central Park in New York City.  But this one, is 200+ acres LARGER than Central Park!  Why don’t we hear more about it?

20150731_195602561_iOSWe walked the entire length of the park and came across some amazing gardens along the way.  We even came across a wedding!  Nestled deep within the park are amazing attractions such as the Japanese Tea Garden, The California Academy of Science and the Conservatory of Flowers, just to name a few.  I wanted to get to all of them but sadly, there was just not enough time in the day.  We did make it to the tea garden and the science center which were both amazing!  We could have planned an entire day in the Golden Gate Park but there was just too much to see!  Oh, and we had to pop out of the park about mid way through to get a donut the size of my forearm.  It was listed on the 50 Things to Eat in San Francisco Before You Die 🙂


On top of the Science Academy

20150731_212016190_iOS 20150731_234825855_iOS 20150731_235205845_iOSOn our way out of the park I forced Britton to walk through the Haight Ashbury district.  It was an experience to say the least.  I found San Francisco to be one of the dirtiest major cities that I’ve visited and historic Haight Ashbury district was among the dirtiest.  And the people that roamed the streets left much to be desired.

20150801_002157299_iOSWe took a cab back to the hotel from the Haight and got ready for our second amazing meal.  We headed to Marlowe and had to have their famous burger.  This was another place on the 50 things to eat list.  We indulged in some hand crafted cocktails and some amazing food that night.  It was wonderful!

20150801_034511405_iOS 20150801_044614000_iOSOn Saturday morning we had a quick list of things to do before heading to the airport to catch out plane.  I HAD to see the Palace of Fine Arts before heading home.  The palace was built in 1915 for the Panama Pacific Exposition.  It was not built to last but instead rebuilt in the 60’s and is now a treasure for San Franciscans.

20150801_161409412_iOS 20150801_161150475_iOSOn our walk back to the hotel we took an alternative route to bring us by Ghiradelli Square.  I wasn’t too impressed probably because it was the follow up to the Palace but we did enjoy some grub at a diner in the square and watched some people swimming out in the bay.

We had an amazing time out west and I hope we can go back some day!

Friday I’m In Love (NYC Edition)

11 Sep

Last week I was gallivanting through New York City on Friday with my sister so the last thing on my mind was getting a post out there!  But here’s to a Happy Friday!


Kristen NYC

My AMAZING SISTER!  I got to spend 4 days with her last weekend and we had a total blast!  And she is pretty amazing!  She planned so much for us in this weekend I walked over 100,000 steps in 3 days! INSANITY!  More on my trip later but this girl… she is pretty awesome.



The subway.  I can understand why many people are on the opposite side of this argument.  Its dirty, they smell, it was hot as hades down in the subway last weekend. But, on the other side of things.  Its an inexpensive way to travel.  You get to see lots of interesting people and when you pop up from a subway station you are in a whole new part of town with all new sites and sounds!  I love it!

#3911 Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum.  I can’t go through this post today and not take a moment of silence.  I was truly in awe last Friday as I walked through the memorial museum.  All of my feelings and thoughts were captured on the walls and in the restored wreckage.

Now, I’m linking up with some of my fellow Friday I’m In Lovers.  Be sure to check them out!

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Have a great weekend!