Friday I’m In Love (NYC Edition)

11 Sep

Last week I was gallivanting through New York City on Friday with my sister so the last thing on my mind was getting a post out there!  But here’s to a Happy Friday!


Kristen NYC

My AMAZING SISTER!  I got to spend 4 days with her last weekend and we had a total blast!  And she is pretty amazing!  She planned so much for us in this weekend I walked over 100,000 steps in 3 days! INSANITY!  More on my trip later but this girl… she is pretty awesome.



The subway.  I can understand why many people are on the opposite side of this argument.  Its dirty, they smell, it was hot as hades down in the subway last weekend. But, on the other side of things.  Its an inexpensive way to travel.  You get to see lots of interesting people and when you pop up from a subway station you are in a whole new part of town with all new sites and sounds!  I love it!

#3911 Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum.  I can’t go through this post today and not take a moment of silence.  I was truly in awe last Friday as I walked through the memorial museum.  All of my feelings and thoughts were captured on the walls and in the restored wreckage.

Now, I’m linking up with some of my fellow Friday I’m In Lovers.  Be sure to check them out!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen

Have a great weekend!


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