Friday I’m In Love

2 Oct

Happy Friday friends!  This week I’ve been all by my lonesome while Britton was in Las Vegas for work.  But I’ve been trying to be productive anyway 🙂


IMG_3815Sleep. Yes that’s right, I’ve been trying to accomplish sleep 🙂  Over the past few weeks I have been on the struggle bus in that department.  And before I have kids I better freaking get some sleep!  This new blend in my diffuser has been a life saver!  I went from 4-5 restless hours a night to a solid 7 & 8 this week.  What a relief!  2 drops each of stress away, lavender and cedarwood and then rubbing stress away on the soles of my feet.  Thank you Essential Oils!  and Young Living!


Image (1)My awesome mom.  Today she is traveling to London to meet my sister who is there on business.  But the last three weeks she has been coming over to help me sew a new Christmas tree skirt.  Too early you say for Christmas?  Not when, for the past 3 years, I’ve realized in December I need a new tree skirt!  We’ve made this a monthly thing, to get together and work on crafty projects but this tree skirt thing has been one LARGE project. She has come over for a few hours the last three weeks to teach me sewing and help me with this apparent monster of a project.  Thanks momma for being awesome!



Apparently I gush over my husband in this blog!  On Tuesday we celebrated three years of wedded bliss!  While relationships are HARD, I’m glad I’m doing the hard stuff with my guy.  Happy three years and dozens more to come.  These Bouqs flowers arrived a little late (by no fault of his) but are beautiful nonetheless!  Since he has been out of town we are celebrating this weekend with the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot and a much needed weekend of just me and Britton time!


FALL TV!  I think its safe to say me and Britton are a little obsessed with good tv.  It’s the thing we do to relax on Sundays.  This year there are a TON of new shows that I’ve been trying out.  Blindspot and Minority Report are on my hit list!  What’s your Fall TV lineup?

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers on this awesome Friday!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


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