Friday I’m In Love

9 Oct

Hey there, friends!  I am so excited it’s Friday!  Although, tomorrow I have to work, this Friday means the last week day before a week in Sioux City!  Can’t wait!



This everyday hero.  Some of you may have seen this week that on Tuesday I went for a bike ride with my cousin.  7.3 miles into my ride I got a flat tire.  I had some reservations about going out that morning when I pulled my bike off the rack and noticed just how flat both tires were but I pressed on, filled them with air and went on my journey.  While I had a tube in my bike pocket, I did not have all the tools and I had not ever learned how to change a tire.  Low and behold, along the trail, at the Chapin Station, was a fellow biker working at the park that was equipped with all the tools and knowledge to change my tire!  Thank you sir for saving our ride!


The Centra Care in Clermont.  On above, mentioned, bike ride, I also endured a bit of an accident.  About 13 miles into our trip we were coming up to a busy road and I needed to stop (clearly). Low and behold, I was moving just a little too slowly to get my foot unclipped from the pedal and I tumbled to the ground!  Looking like an idiot and feeling some MAJOR pains in my hip and wrist, I arose to 1. my cousin trying not to laugh and 2. a round of fellow bikers asking if I was ok.  I was NOT ok and in a TON of pain but we were about 9 miles from the car so I had to power through!  My road bike requires a lot of pressure on your wrists which made the trip extremely unpleasant.  I rode the bike for another 7 miles before I totally lost my willpower to go on and sent my cousin on her way to the car.  Thank goodness I wasn’t alone and had my extremely caring cousin, Katie to come to my rescue!  I am so thankful for our Centra Care in Clermont as they were able to see me that evening and diagnose the source of so much pain in my hand and wrist.  A splint and $30 later I was sent on my way to nurse my physical and emotional wounds.



Etsy jeweler Decor8Jewelry.  Britton took some notes from my etsy favorites last week to find me some new jewels for our anniversary (yeay!) and this piece came in TODAY!  It got stuck in White Plains, NY for about a week but after tracking it down on my end (and decor8jewelry) we found it and it arrived today.  So in love with this piece!



Etsy dealer, PutOnLoveDesigns. I am so in love with my two new, Florida State inspired diffusing bracelets. She also does giveaways on Instagram all the time so check her out for sure!

I am really looking forward to next week and an opportunity to spend some quality time with the Wall family and all of our Sioux City friends.  I have a feeling next week will be a Sioux City edition of FIIL 🙂

Be sure to check out what my fellow bloggers are up to this Friday!

KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen


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