Friday I’m In Love (Sioux City Edition)

16 Oct

Happy Friday!  So this week I have had the pleasure of spending time in Sioux City at my second home.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it here until I walked off the plane!  So this weeks FIIL will be dedicated to my Sioux City family.



The beautiful planes of the Midwest.  When I first moved out to South Dakota I was not as impressed by the vastness of the planes as I became.  You can drive for MANY miles and not see so much as a gas station and a farm in the distance.  Its breathtaking.  I snapped this shot from the porch at my in laws house.  Just in awe.



Chubby babies and their mommies.  Since I’ve been gone, my bestie, Lacy, had a beautiful baby boy.  He is 4 months old and weighs 21 POUNDS! He’s a monster but an adorable monster!  I got to meet Hudson before going out to dinner with his mom.  I love those friends that you can pick up right where you left off even though months have past since you last saw each other.  We sipped sangria, ate chimichangas and talked all about where we are in life today.  It was a great night and I can’t wait for a repeat!



The letter F.  Yea so, I realized last night that it was the perfect exhibit of the letter F.  The fireplace, watching football, sitting with my family playing farkle with a freeze warning up on the TV screen.  It doesn’t get more cozy than that!  Tonight we add to our F and we get to spend some quality time with our friends.  Can’t wait!

I’ve been enjoying my time in Sioux City so much that I convinced Britton to push our flights back by a day just to get a few extra hours with his family.  I hope all my friends out there enjoy this Friday, I know I will.


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