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Friday I’m In Love

20 Nov

Happy Friday!  This week went by so fast! I can’t believe its over!



This Friday I am in love with Florida State University!  Yesterday I posted about our trip up to Tallahassee to watch the FSU Homecoming game.  We had such a good time, catching up with friends and watching a great game. The campus was always beautiful in November and it did not dissapoint.


gap top

This gap Tencel Shirt.  I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what tencel is but I love this shirt.  I bought it in this pink and grey on sale two weeks ago at the Gap and I am so in love with it.  It fits loose and is super soft.  I wish I had it in every color!


The Cloud family.  This week we had some awesome houseguests after we came back from Tallahassee.  Britton’s sisters family was down to celebrate our nephews birthday.  We spent Monday at Legoland and joined them Wednesday evening at Magic Kingdom.  We had a great time and love having house guests!  Thanks for coming down Cloud family!

I am very much looking forward to next week’s post as it is sure to be full of thanksgiving cheer.  The holidays have begun and it’s the best time of the year!


Weekend Reminiscing

19 Nov

Last weekend Britton and I headed up to Tallahassee for the Florida State Homecoming game.  I went to FSU 2003-2005 for my Freshman and Sophomore years of college but then decided to transfer home to Rollins for the last two years.  While I had a great time at FSU, I was feeling lost at such a big university and so I made the decision to move.  I loved my time at FSU and will always be a Seminoles fan but it had been almost 10 years since I was up there and thats way too long!

When we first moved back down to Florida we had grand intentions of attending multiple home games up in Tallahassee.  Fall got away from us and we were lucky to even be able to fit this one weekend in.  I had hoped to be up there by parade time on Friday but Britton’s travel schedule threw off the plan and I ended up driving the four hours up there by myself and met Britton up there late on Friday night while he traveled from the Dominican Republic for our weekend getaway.

I was super excited to be able to go up because I was able to spend the weekend with an old family friend that is in the process of selling his house and moving down south.  Friday night was super chill as I attended a law school function with our friends before heading out for sushi. Britton didn’t make it into Tally until after midnight so it was good to have some friends to hang out with.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  Unfortunately the homecoming game started at 12:30 so we didn’t have a lot of time before the game to do much but I did make sure we were there early enough to walk through campus so I could show Britton all my favorite spots from 11 years ago.


After roaming the campus we headed into the game.  It was alumni day so it was really cool to see all the graduated band members, cheerleaders, and majorettes out on the field as well.  The game had a rough start but luckily we pulled out a win.


After the game we met up with some of my sorority friends and spent a little time at a new bar/club called Recess.  Much of the campus has changed since I was last there and the club/bar scene is insane compared to what it used to be.  I decided I was a little old for the crowd so we left after an hour or so but it was nice to catch up with some friends.

I wanted to do a little more walking around the campus before I was ready to head back to the house.  We made our way to the iconic Westcott Fountain.


And then walked a little further to see the Delta Zeta wall.


There are definitely moments where I wish I had stayed at FSU for the course of college but other times I know I made the right decision.  I had a blast reminiscing on campus and I hope next year we can go up more than once!

Friday I’m In Love

13 Nov

Good morning, friends and happy Friday!


Ellen.  I just love her.  This week there has been a lot of talk about the new Starbucks cups, as I’m sure most of you have heard. I love how Ellen responded.


Woof Gang Bakery.  If you have a dog, you should definitely check them out.  I take Foster there regularly because he needs FREQUENT hair cuts.  I think he needs a trim more frequently than I do!  They also have a huge selection of all natural treats and dog foods.


Andrew McMahon.  Last weekend Britton and I had the great pleasure of seeing him with his latest band, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  I’ve been in love with him for the last 10+ years when he was the lead of Something Corporate.  He played most of his new album but gave his fans some opportunity to reminisce playing some of his best oldies.  This song is probably my all time favorite song ever.  We saw him at House of Blues at Disney Springs which is a really fun venue too!  We had a great night and enjoyed the opening acts as well!

This weekend I am super excited that me and Britton are heading up to Tallahassee for the Florida State University Homecoming game.  I realized when we booked the tickets that I have not been up there since my senior year of college which was, gulp, 8 years ago!  I know the campus has changed a lot and I can’t wait to get up there again!

Friday I’m In Love

6 Nov

I’ve already shared my greatest love for this week and that was for Taylor Swift at her show last weekend.  But obviously, some other awesome times have been had since then.



the Beach.  After the show on Saturday night we headed a little further west and spent some time at the beach.  It’s been incredibly hot in Florida this fall and we only made it out there for about 2 hours before we packed up and headed home. But I do love that we live close enough to the beach that we can do that even if it is just for a few hours!



Publix.  I really can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this one yet.  I freaking love publix.  When I was in the midwest I dreamed about the aisles of publix and that familiar smell in all publix stores.  Sure, HyVee had a lot of good qualities and every once in a while I’m looking for something down here that I realize was a staple at HyVee.  But nothing compares to the freshly sliced cold cuts you can get while you wait for your sub to be made.  I’m even a fan of a lot of their publix brand items like their frozen broccoli, greenwise eggs and honey coated chicken tenders. Oh man, I love Publix!



Winter Garden Wine Walk.  It’s been on my calendar for probably 6 weeks now and I had so much fun!  A group of women from church and neighbors from my street all met up to enjoy downtown Winter Garden and try out some amazing wines.  I was delighted to see my neighbors getting to know my church ladies and it was a night we all really needed to relax and have some fun!  Thanks to everyone that made the night so special!

I had a pretty great week and I’m looking forward to a weekend in town without visitors for a change!  How was your week? What are you loving on this beautiful sunshining Friday?

Swifties for a Night

3 Nov

I hestiate to write this post because, lets be honest, Britton and I make a point to go to as many shows as possible.  And how can I make a decision to write about THIS show and not all the others (because lets face it, we go to bomb ass shows.) But this one was unlike any other.  Probably because its the first pop artist show I’ve been to maybe ever.  And it was TSwift… a MONSTER of an artist on SO many levels.  To do this post, I have to make a point here.  My husband attended with me.  I saw a few husbands and a lot of dads but really, how amazing is it that I didn’t have to find a girl friend to go with me because my husband is so awesome he went with me (somewhat begrudgingly) and he enjoyed it!


We drove all the way to Tampa for the show, we realized on our way there we have yet to actually see a show in Orlando. We saw Hozier in Jacksonville, Imagine Dragons in Miami and now Taylor Swift in Tampa.  We’ve literally been all over the map of Florida for concerts and we have our first one in 10 months of living here, in Orlando this weekend.  Kinda crazy.  But we’ve also been known to fly all the way from Iowa to Nashville to see Imagine Dragons on their first tour.  So in the scheme of things, Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa aren’t all that far.

We checked into our hotel which was a 1.5 mile walk from Raymond James Stadium which is where Taylor Swift’s sold out show was.  We got ready quickly and walked to a nearby restaurant for some grub before the show.  We definitley needed sustenance before our long hot walk to the stadium and the long hot dance party that followed.

Pre Taylor Swift Mojito

Pre Taylor Swift Mojito

Once we finally got to the stadium I would call the scene complete chaos.  Since it was halloween there were people dressed up all over the place.  Many show goers were dressed as Meredith and Olivia, Swift’s two cats (if you didn’t already know that.)  As we walked through the gates we were given light up wrist bands. I hesitated to pull the little plastic strip protecting it from use but then thought to myself…. I wonder if Taylor will be controlling these…

We piled through the crowds and found our seats which really weren’t that bad.  lower level corner so we wouldn’t have to strain our necks but still somewhat far from the stage.  This is one of the first shows I’ve been to that almost every seat was filled DURING the first of two opening acts.  First we heard Shawn Mendez who is a 17 yearold heartthrob.  If I was still 17 I would have wanted to find his tour bus and become a groupie.


Next we saw Vance Joy who is an artist that is way more up our alley.  We hear his music on XM alt nation daily.  He and his whole band dressed in costume which was pretty fun!  Vance Joy is Australian so I was in heaven everytime he stopped singing to chat with the crowd… swoon…


And then… came… Taylor Swift.  I think i’m in love (in a purely friendship kinda way obvi.)  I was right about the wrist bands. As soon as she came out on the stage singing Welcome to New York the wrist bands began to light up to the beat of the music. WHAT?!?!? How freaking cool is that.  And it wasn’t like they lit up only one color either, they were packed with many diffenent colors and across the stadium they were not in unison.  They were all coordinated perfectly all across the 55,000 people in the stadium.


Taylor has been known to bring special guests out on the stage at various concerts across the United States.  We were lucky eough to be at her last show in the US so I knew we would get a guest or two but it was hard to predict who it would be.  Our first guest was Allesia Cara, who I hadn’t heard of before but will definitely be buying her album.  You can see some clips of her performance and read a little more about her here.

Our next guest to join Taylor on stage was Idina Menzel.  Pretty much everyone under the sun knows her name.  She’s a star on the broadway stage and more recently, for the movie Frozen.  She joined Taylor on stage and they sang Let It Go! I about died.

Our special guests were both awesome but nothing compares to the magic that is Taylor Swift.  I think she has an amazing voice, she’s an incredible songwriter and a downright nice and genuine person.  During the show she told us that she gave us all wrist bands so she could see all 55000 of us in the stands, so it didn’t feel like she was just singing to a crowd.  That’s pretty cool.  And she told us she follows our instagram accounts (so obviously I tagged her in all of my posts from the show.)  When I hear her talk in interviews and now I’ve seen her in a show, I don’t think this is all about the money and fame.  It really is about music and bringing joy to people.  I love that.

I wasn’t always a Taylor Swift fan, a swiftie.  I’ve known her hits since she started but her 1989 album spoke to me.  I’ve been listening to it since it came out and I don’t tire of the songs.  Even Britton has been singing Taylor Swift songs!  The show was amazing and I’m so glad we went.  It was definitley the experience of a lifetime.