Weekend Reminiscing

19 Nov

Last weekend Britton and I headed up to Tallahassee for the Florida State Homecoming game.  I went to FSU 2003-2005 for my Freshman and Sophomore years of college but then decided to transfer home to Rollins for the last two years.  While I had a great time at FSU, I was feeling lost at such a big university and so I made the decision to move.  I loved my time at FSU and will always be a Seminoles fan but it had been almost 10 years since I was up there and thats way too long!

When we first moved back down to Florida we had grand intentions of attending multiple home games up in Tallahassee.  Fall got away from us and we were lucky to even be able to fit this one weekend in.  I had hoped to be up there by parade time on Friday but Britton’s travel schedule threw off the plan and I ended up driving the four hours up there by myself and met Britton up there late on Friday night while he traveled from the Dominican Republic for our weekend getaway.

I was super excited to be able to go up because I was able to spend the weekend with an old family friend that is in the process of selling his house and moving down south.  Friday night was super chill as I attended a law school function with our friends before heading out for sushi. Britton didn’t make it into Tally until after midnight so it was good to have some friends to hang out with.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  Unfortunately the homecoming game started at 12:30 so we didn’t have a lot of time before the game to do much but I did make sure we were there early enough to walk through campus so I could show Britton all my favorite spots from 11 years ago.


After roaming the campus we headed into the game.  It was alumni day so it was really cool to see all the graduated band members, cheerleaders, and majorettes out on the field as well.  The game had a rough start but luckily we pulled out a win.


After the game we met up with some of my sorority friends and spent a little time at a new bar/club called Recess.  Much of the campus has changed since I was last there and the club/bar scene is insane compared to what it used to be.  I decided I was a little old for the crowd so we left after an hour or so but it was nice to catch up with some friends.

I wanted to do a little more walking around the campus before I was ready to head back to the house.  We made our way to the iconic Westcott Fountain.


And then walked a little further to see the Delta Zeta wall.


There are definitely moments where I wish I had stayed at FSU for the course of college but other times I know I made the right decision.  I had a blast reminiscing on campus and I hope next year we can go up more than once!


2 Responses to “Weekend Reminiscing”

  1. Kendra G. November 19, 2015 at 11:47 am #

    It looks like such a fun weekend and a beautiful campus!


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