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Friday I’m in Love

29 Jan

Oh thank goodness it’s Friday.  This was a rough week for me as I caught Brittons cold from last week and spent a few days going through BOXES of tissues and trying to stick with natural medications and remedies to help me through the sickness.  Thankfully I am feeling better and I am so ready for the weekend to begin!


I hope all my friends know this about me.  I don’t judge you on the appearance of your home.  I don’t care if I walk in your door and there are toys on the floor and food on the table.  I love you all just the way you and your homes are and I know you do of me as well! Thank you for being true friends that I don’t have to tidy up my life to be around! This article REALLY spoke to me and my generation.  As I become a mom, I know my messy life will not remedy itself so thank you for loving me as I love you!


Blog post January 29

This has been a godsend for me this week and Britton last week.  I grew up in a mostly homeopathic home and I hope to bring that holistic lifestyle into my family as well.  When I felt like crap this week, I turned to Oscillococcinum.  I felt better in 48 hours 🙂 I bought the family pack on amazon for a great deal!



Today I was blessed with an invite from a dear friend to join she and her kids at Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha (right around the corner from Winter Garden).  I partook in a delicious BBQ sandwich, which I eat with a fork and knife because, i mean, come on, look at the piles.  I enjoy the Club Elvis but there are a lot of delicious items to enjoy so check them out asap!  I won’t steer you wrong!

Tonight I am super pumped to be joining my girls for a tutu making party.  We’re participating in the Flavor Run in a few weeks and obviously, we can’t walk a color run without festive attire.  I’m sure next week’s post will be full of rainbows 🙂

Friday I’m in Love

22 Jan

Happy Friday! This week has flown by and I can’t believe we are already to the weekend!  Sadly, Britton seems to have come down with a bad cold so I’m not sure how fun our weekend will be but at least we will be together.



Last weekend we found a new sushi restaurant a stones throw away from our house! Apparently its been there for the last 6 months but somehow we missed it!  So glad we found it now so we can enjoy it 🙂



Many of my friends know my interesting past with church.  I was extremely active as a kid and teen and then began a soul search in college that left me religion-less.  I know I’ve talked about our church before but I feel so blessed to have found it.  This month they started a new sermon series and every week I can’t wait to get to church to hear what Brian has to say.  The topic, Identity Crisis.  Could it be more appropriate?  If you’re interested you can listen through their website.  I’m sure every campus is amazing but I am partial to Winter Garden.



I haven’t talked about this yet but here it is.  I started volunteering with an organization called Global Hope Network International.  They work to end poverty in third world countries.  I found the organization on Volunteer Match and signed up to be on the social media team.  When they saw my qualifications though, the brought me on board to help with the Volunteer Coordinator.  If you’re interested in finding a great organization to volunteer with that is local to Orlando please check them out!  They need you!  Also check out their Magic Brings Hope event coming up this March with the Orlando Magic!



Britton and I are super into Podcasts and last year we got HOOKED on Serial.  As did most of us I think.  We started listening to the second season which is good but not as captivating for us.  But we really wanted to hear more about Adnan so we started listening to the Undisclosed Podcast about Adnan’s case.  We can’t stop listening.  If you haven’t listened or you listened to episode 1 and stopped, keep going.  It gets better.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  See you all next week!



Rough Seas

18 Jan

In early December we went on a weekend getaway to the Bahamas for my birthday.  I was excited about a weekend of being off the grid with the hubs.  What I wasn’t prepared for were the rough seas of early December that made our cruising experience unforgettable (in a BAD way.)

We arrived at the cruise port later than I would have liked which made me a little frazzled right from the start.  We had purchased a room with a window to the outside that was supposed to be larger than a standard room so we were looking forward to a smidge of extra space.  When we actually got down to the room we realized it was EXACTLY the same size as the last cruise room we had on out 7 night cruise through the Mediterranean.

Ok not so bad yet but we’re getting there… Once we left port we were almost immediately experiencing rough seas.  Now, I’m not one to get sea sick.  I have spent LOTS of time on boats and this was my third cruise.  But I had never experienced the rough seas that we were experiencing.  On the pool deck you could see the water sloshing from side to side.  Walking up and down the stairs was a chore as you would rock from one side of the staircase to the other in a matter of a few seconds.  It was the roughest ride ever and it continued through the night making sleep hard for me to come by.

Our first day was a stop in Nassau.  I wasn’t too excited about our stops but I have never been so it was one more place to check off my list of places to visit.  We checked out the Queens staircase which I did find very cool.


Afterwards we walked back to the main drag and wandered the shops.   It was really hot and lets just say it… Nassau is disgusting.  The shops are almost exclusively jewelers or crappy tourist shops with Nassau sweatshirts and postcards.

We did stumble upon a pirate museum which we gladly paid the entrance fees just to get off the streets.  It was pretty cool and one of the things I would recommend to anyone going to Nassau that wanted to see the local sites.



What we should have done is pay the price to go out to Paradise Island and go to the water park.  But at the time I had no idea how crummy the city would be.

That night the ship didn’t leave port until after 12 am so I was lucky enough to get a few short hours of sleep in before the rough seas rocked me awake again.  I was looking forward to port #2 as it was the private island owned by the cruise company and we planned to spend the day on the beach basking in the sun.

The next day we awoke and headed to the main dining area for breakfast. While we started up conversations with some other cruise goers we realized about 30 minutes into breakfast we were actually turned away from the island and heading back to Florida…….  The seas were actually SO rough that we could not tender the ship to go to our second stop of the trip. Are. You. Kidding. Me?  As we talked with the table in disbelief we realized we didn’t have it as bed as everyone else.  One couple had come down for the cruise from New Jersey, another from COLORADO and the closest came from South Carolina.  These people paid good money and travel great distances to spend a one of a two day cruise at sea!

Needless to say, we were bummed.  We spent the day roaming the ship finding quiet places to play cards.  We played a few rounds of trivia in the bar and found our way to a cupcake decorating class.  The seas never let up though which made a day at sea almost unbearable.


We had a mostly awful time but we learned a few things.  Always research the seas before booking a last minute cruise.  We also learned that getting a weekend away isn’t always the best idea.


Friday I’m in Love

15 Jan

Yeay! It’s Friday!  My hubs has been gone all week so I am super excited to have the weekend arrive.  Here are this weeks loves.



These lovely ladies came out to Winter Garden last Sunday to eat some good food and check out our local sites.  Jenn (on the left) was down from Wisconsin for a marathon at Disney and Juli drove over from Baldwin park.  We hit up Thai Blossom, one of my favorite restaurants in town and then checked out the brewery Crooked Can.  Thanks for the visit ladies!


Florida State University is the most beautiful campus in the state of Florida. Thanks dad for sharing this awesome video! I love it!



Found a new amazing spot near downtown Orlando thanks to a friend of mine.  I just had to check out Valhalla Bakery on my way to a new volunteering position on Tuesday.  Thanks mom for joining me in the adventure!



I was deeply saddened yesterday morning when I awoke to the news that Alan Rickman had passed away.  As a HUGE lover of Harry Potter it is sad to know that Severus Snape is no longer with us.  I hope it is a love I can pass onto my own children some day. #RIPalanrickman

Pinterest Christmas

11 Jan

I know, this is late. But this is when I had time to post!

Christmas 2013 I wanted to make a tree skirt for Christmas.  It was one of those things you think about at Christmas but then forget about making it impossible to get done before the big day.  So this year, now that I live closer to my mom, who is my sewing teacher, I decided to get a head start and bought fabric for a tree skirt over the summer!  Fabric came from Heather Bailey and she was having a sale when I purchased in July.


We started sewing in September and it took some time.  I decided to turn this project into sewing lessons with my mom.  I’ve been wanting to freshen up my sewing skills so this was the perfect opportunity.  We found the pattern on the Amy Butler site but we didn’t realize at the time that we weren’t exactly following the instructions as I wanted to use both of my fabrics and the instructions called for felt to be the main piece of fabric.  We took a few extra steps by using felt, the red fabric and the backing and binding layer.


Mom and I got together about 4 times to work on this dang tree skirt.  We also decided to do a ruffle along the edge instead of what the pattern called for.  This was no easy task.  I sewed together what felt like a mile of fabric to prepare it to be ruffled.  My mom ended up doing most of the work on that part of the project.  She is kind of my hero.


After spending lots of time working on my tree skirt, my mom ended up finishing the skirt so that it was done in time for a Christmas party I was hosting.  As we got closer to Christmas our free time was dwindling and it was getting hard for us to find time to work on it together.


I love how it turned out but I don’t think I will ever sew my own tree skirt again!


Friday I’m in Love

8 Jan

I’ve been totally MIA over the holidays for more reasons than one.  But in an effort to get back on the bandwagon for 2016 blogging I’ll start with a favorite.



Winter weather.  And I’m not talking about Florida’s winter.  Last week we were in Sioux City, IA to celebrate Christmas with the Wall side of the family.  I was hopeful in the weeks prior that we would get lucky with some snow on the ground.  We got even luckier.  We arrived on Saturday night and a snow storm rolled in Sunday evening through Tuesday morning.  It was a snowy paradise the whole week were there and we spent a lot of time playing in it!



Rent the Runway.  If you haven’t heard of this yet, go check it out.  We had a winter wedding to go to on New Years Eve while we were in Sioux City and obviously I don’t have anything to wear to a winter wedding.  So days before we left for our trip I was stalking RTR looking for something appropriate to wear.  THANK GOODNESS I was lucky and they still had some amazing dresses left for me to rent!  This gem was a huge hit and I would have kept it if I had an extra $355 in my bank account 🙂


Children starting charities.  Britton’s cousin’s daughter, Makenzie, and her friends in Kansas City started a 501C3 called Cancel Out Cancer Foundation that hopes to help stop cancer and soothe the pain of families that have been affected by cancer.  Makenzie was a flower girl in our wedding and we are just so proud of the young woman she is becoming!  Check out their go fund me page here.



Britton’s health.  I don’t know if this falls into the Friday I’m in Love category here but it is definitely something I am grateful for.  3 years ago this week Britton was in surgery and recovery following brain surgery to remove an epidermoid brain tumor.  You can read all about our journey here.  The whole experience, beginning just weeks after we got married, was the hardest thing we’ve faced as a couple (not surprisingly.) Every year in the first weeks of January I look back and I’m thankful for the doctors, the nurses, our family and everyone that supported us through this time.

That’s all for now folks!  Hopefully I will get back on board and get some more posts up about the holidays soon!