Friday I’m in Love

15 Jan

Yeay! It’s Friday!  My hubs has been gone all week so I am super excited to have the weekend arrive.  Here are this weeks loves.



These lovely ladies came out to Winter Garden last Sunday to eat some good food and check out our local sites.  Jenn (on the left) was down from Wisconsin for a marathon at Disney and Juli drove over from Baldwin park.  We hit up Thai Blossom, one of my favorite restaurants in town and then checked out the brewery Crooked Can.  Thanks for the visit ladies!


Florida State University is the most beautiful campus in the state of Florida. Thanks dad for sharing this awesome video! I love it!



Found a new amazing spot near downtown Orlando thanks to a friend of mine.  I just had to check out Valhalla Bakery on my way to a new volunteering position on Tuesday.  Thanks mom for joining me in the adventure!



I was deeply saddened yesterday morning when I awoke to the news that Alan Rickman had passed away.  As a HUGE lover of Harry Potter it is sad to know that Severus Snape is no longer with us.  I hope it is a love I can pass onto my own children some day. #RIPalanrickman


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