Friday I’m in Love

22 Jan

Happy Friday! This week has flown by and I can’t believe we are already to the weekend!  Sadly, Britton seems to have come down with a bad cold so I’m not sure how fun our weekend will be but at least we will be together.



Last weekend we found a new sushi restaurant a stones throw away from our house! Apparently its been there for the last 6 months but somehow we missed it!  So glad we found it now so we can enjoy it 🙂



Many of my friends know my interesting past with church.  I was extremely active as a kid and teen and then began a soul search in college that left me religion-less.  I know I’ve talked about our church before but I feel so blessed to have found it.  This month they started a new sermon series and every week I can’t wait to get to church to hear what Brian has to say.  The topic, Identity Crisis.  Could it be more appropriate?  If you’re interested you can listen through their website.  I’m sure every campus is amazing but I am partial to Winter Garden.



I haven’t talked about this yet but here it is.  I started volunteering with an organization called Global Hope Network International.  They work to end poverty in third world countries.  I found the organization on Volunteer Match and signed up to be on the social media team.  When they saw my qualifications though, the brought me on board to help with the Volunteer Coordinator.  If you’re interested in finding a great organization to volunteer with that is local to Orlando please check them out!  They need you!  Also check out their Magic Brings Hope event coming up this March with the Orlando Magic!



Britton and I are super into Podcasts and last year we got HOOKED on Serial.  As did most of us I think.  We started listening to the second season which is good but not as captivating for us.  But we really wanted to hear more about Adnan so we started listening to the Undisclosed Podcast about Adnan’s case.  We can’t stop listening.  If you haven’t listened or you listened to episode 1 and stopped, keep going.  It gets better.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  See you all next week!




One Response to “Friday I’m in Love”

  1. Janet January 23, 2016 at 9:38 am #

    Love reading these, Ashley!

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