Friday I’m in Love

5 Feb

Happy Friday! It’s already here!



Last week I mentioned that I had a tutu making party planned for that evening and I had just so much fun!  It’s my second go at making a tutu for a fun run and this party was even more fun than the last.  Some girlfriends and I are walking the Flavor Run 5k next weekend and we decided to make rainbow tutus to wear at the event.  We all got together at my friend’s house and enjoyed pizza, wine and each others company.  We had a blast and our tutus are AWESOME!



We’re preparing over here for some home updates and the first step was to clean out the garage.  We’ve been meaning to do so for months but we finally got the motivation when my mom, who loves to organize, offered to help.  We completely emptied our garage, got rid of multiple trash bins of junk, put together two piles to giveaway, and completely overhauled the garage.  It was amazing to have my mom to help and I can’t believe it looks so good!  Plenty of room now out there to store other bins we have tucked away in various closets throughout the house!


Did you follow season one of Serial.  I’ve talked about it a lot in my posts but his Post Conviction Hearing started on Tuesday and I’ve been following ever since. The Undisclosed podcast lawyers are there tweeting and periscoping about the events of the trial each day as well as the Serial podcast and Sarah Koenig and I can’t get enough.  You can follow updates from the Serial podcast on facebook.


Last but not least, I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and lately in my spare time I’ve been re-watching the series on Netflix.  Low and behold, Netflix has announced a 4 part reunion and I can not wait for it to be released.  They’re in the very beginning stages but I read every article I can find about the new “Seasons” mini series and its sure to be amazing.  This is a great cheat sheet for any fans 🙂



One Response to “Friday I’m in Love”

  1. Kendra G. February 5, 2016 at 1:30 pm #

    Your garage looks amazing!! Good work!! I’m looking forward to hearing about your other house projects coming up! 🙂

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